The life between magic & boys Pt. 27

Welcome to part 27 quise! (: sadly part 26 didn't show up on new quizzes, AGAIN. I'm keeping an update on the "Feedback and Updates" forum so if you've missed out just check the one that says "The Life Between Magic and Boys" and whats the feedback on Ezra? What do you think about her so far?

Descriptions: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You spent the day with Ezra and went to Cory's where you saw Jake. You went back to the house and beat the guys in COD. After that you guys went to the beach w/ Ezra to hang out. Something happened to Alex.
  2. "Whats going on?" You took off your sunglasses to see better and looked out at the shore. The guys were running towards Alex's board. "Where's Alex?" You squinted to look out at the ocean. It was hard to look at because the sun was reflecting light off of the water. Ezra stood up. "Over there" She pointed and you saw Alex. You heard a noise, but as soon as you saw Alex you jumped to your feet and ran towards the guys. The closer you got to the water the louder the sound got. Then you realized it was Alex screaming. It sent a chill down your spin. You looked out and saw Josh and Calisto swimming towards Alex. There was a color red floating around him and on the water. Your blood was pumping fast. "What happened?!" You asked Max and Tyler who were the only ones on shore. Then you realized the red color was blood. "Alex got bit by a shark." Max said. "WHAT?!" You heart literally stop beating when he said that. Fear struck you, and you were panicking. Josh and Calisto were dragging Alex onto the shore. He was laying on his board and his left leg had huge shark bites, that were bleeding severely. "Alex!" You walked in front of him and started crying. He was unconscious from losing so much blood. "What do we do?!" You cried out. He was bleeding badly and it was scaring you. "Is there a hospital nearby?" You ask. "I'm not sure." Calisto said. Josh ripped of his shirt and tied it around Alex's wound, putting pressure on it. Alex groaned a little. "How did he not see it? The water is so clear." Tyler looked around. "I guess it was just an accident. He didn't see it coming." Max said. "No.. this wasn't an accident." Tyler said standing up. "What do you mean?" Josh asked trying to stop the bleeding. Tyler picked up a bottle that had a note in it. He smashed the bottle against a rock and tore out the note. You all waited in silence. "What is it?" You asked. He finally read it aloud: "Well get you next time Jake." - Erika. "Jake? WHAT THE HELL?" Josh yelled rising to his feet. "Let me see it." He snatched the note and read it. "Jake? Where is Jake?"
  3. Your body tensed up at the name of Jake. "Sorry I got a phone call from my dad. Its important. Whats goi- oh, Alex!" She gasped. "He got bit by a shark." Max explained. "It was meant for Jake." Tyler said. "Who?" Ezra acted. "Nobody important. Alex is hurt because of him." Josh snapped. You stood there in silence trying not to give away anything. Ezra shoved herself past you and Josh. She stood in front of Alex and hovered her hand inches above his wound. Her hands started glowing a bright white, and wispy white fog began to come out of her palms they circled around Alex's leg. The white fog danced around, healing his wounds little by little. The blood stopped dripping, and his cuts began to stitch together like nothing had happened. After a few minutes he was finally healed. "Thank you so much!" You tackled Ezra with a grateful hug. "I can tell you like this guy a lot." She whispered in you ear.
  4. "Why did the shark attack Alex, if it was going after Jake?" Calisto paced back and forth. "The resemblance. They have the same hair color, and skin tone." Max said. It was true they did. They all agreed. "Oh, guys." Ezra turned around to face the four remaining guys. "Before I forget, My dad told me to tell you to meet him in town tomorrow at 1 pm. He didn't tell me why, of course. But me being his messenger and all I have to tell you." She said to them and they all nodded. "Uh how do we get to town though?" Josh asked. "Didn't my dad tell you about the garage? Of course he didn't, he's old. You guys have two cars parked in the garage. The keys should be somewhere in your kitchen drawer. I'm not sure I haven't been to your house as much as my dad. Just look for them I'm sure you'll find them." She left the guys to discuss about the cars. "Come here." She whispered and you followed her back to where you were laying. "We have to warn Jake about Erika. My dad said there's something going on with the Immortal society. So we better tell Jake before the guys go visit my dad tomorrow." "The immortal society??" You asked. "Yeah there the ones who control the magic and powers of the immortals." She explained quickly. "Shh." "Alex is fine now so were going to drag him back to the house. Thanks Ezra, it means a lot." Josh thanked her and went back to Alex.
  5. "Shouldn't I stay with Alex though?" You asked still worried about him. "I would normally say yes, but this is an emergency. We need to go to Cory's." She said grabbing her stuff and shoving it quickly into her bag. "Why is it that I don't know much about whats going on involving the magic world?" You said more to yourself then Ezra. You grabbed your things quickly and headed to Ezra's black jeep. You sent a text to Josh: 'I'm going to Ezra's to help out Xavier. I'll be back in a little bit'. Ezra hit the gas and sped all the to Cory's. It was starting to get cloudy out, for the first time you've seen in awhile. She drove up Cory's driveway and quickly stopped. "Its going to rain soon. Let's try and beat the storm." She looked up at the sky and ran to Cory's door. She didn't even bother knocking she turned the knob and walked in. "Hey babe. What are you doing here?" Cory and Jake were sitting on the couch watching TV. Jake smiled when he saw you. "We've got an emergency." Ezra broke the news quickly. Jake's smile faded away. "Whats going on?" He asked. "Alex got bit by a shark that was sent by Erika. But the shark was suppose to attack you, not him. He just thought it was you." Ezra quickly explained. Jake stood up. "Is he okay?" "Yeah I healed him." She said and stuck out her hands. They were still white, but they looked like soft glowing flower petals. You stared in awe. "My dad said the Immortal Society is up to something." She said to Cory. "Whats going on this time?" "They might shut down our powers." Ezra broke the news and Cory widened his eyes. "Why? now is not the time!" Cory raised his voice. "Wait whats going on?" You asked. "Remember how I said the Immortal Society control our powers?" You nodded. "Well they can take our powers away." She said slowly. "So we would pretty much be-" "Human." Cory finished. "Why would they shut down your- our powers?" "Because of Erika and the fight shes trying to start." Cory explained. Jake was sitting off on the couch by himself, silently thinking. "Jake your going to have to tell her now. This situation may not affect you but it does affect her." Cory said and Ezra agreed. "Tell me what?" You asked. "The truth."
  6. "Whats the truth?" You asked staring at Jake. He rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't think this is the right time. We should do it after Xavier talks to them." "My dad is going to tell them and then what? How do you think there going to react? Not well." Ezra replied. "I know, but I can't. Not right now. I'll handle this when I have time to you know, plan it out. I can't rush things. How do you think shes going to react? This is the beginning all over again." Jake stood up and walked over to a table. "Alright Jake, it's your choice. But you have a day to find the words to tell her. If you wait to long it might be to late. That's the last thing we need, Losing her again." Cory walked over and patted Jake on the back. "Uh hello? I'm still here." You spoke up. They all turned and looked at you. Jake walked up to you. "____ I have something I have to tell you but it has to wait. Now is not the time. Your just going to have to trust me." He stared at you and once again you found yourself deeply lost into his mesmerizing blue eyes. You thought about it. Your didn't know anything. People were always hiding things from you, always trying to 'protect' you. But lying and avoiding the truth isn't going to protect you. "No. I want to know now." You took a step back. Jake's face turned white and he turned to Cory. "It didn't work... Cory. It didn't work!" Jake waved his hands in the hair. Cory also looked pale. "Sh-She's immune." He stammered. "If things screw up I'm going to- Cory. I won't be able to do anything." Jake said pacing around. "Immune? Immune to what? Can somebody tell me something! You act like I'm not here. Like I can't hear you." You felt your voice rising. "We have to Jake. I'm sorry, but if she's immune she has to know."
  7. Jake cursed under his breath and kicked the couch. He sat down and ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm going to tell her. but I want you to stay around." Jake said staring at Cory. Him and Ezra nodded and sat down next to him, "___ sit down." You sat down on the couch across from them. "I have no idea where to start." Jake looked stressed. "Tell her what you aren't." Cory said. 'What he isn't? How does that make any sense?' Cory and Ezra were whispering things. "What is this all about. Since you won't say anything I'll ask. What is the immortal society. Other then the people who control our powers." You asked. Jake sighed, it sounded relieved. Cory looked at Ezra. "The Immortal Society is a.. well society made of thirteen members who are the Immortals who created our powers. They are the ones who can't die. Ever. Not even if they catch a deadly disease or get stabbed with the golden dagger. They are the kings of Immortality." Ezra explained. "Whats the golden dagger?" You asked. "The golden dagger is a dagger that was made by a man named Prometheus. He was a mortal born with the talents of a god and the gods didn't like that so they tried killing him. They hunted him down his whole lifetime, but he created a weapon and it is known for killing a god, and it is the only weapon that can kill an immortal, but not an immortal who is in the society." She explained. This was all so new to you. It was kind of fascinating.
  8. You were going to ask another question but your phone rang. "Hello?" You answered. "Hey you need to come back. Xavier couldn't wait until tomorrow since theres a storm heading in. He says there pretty bad and doesn't like to drive during a storm." Josh said over the phone. "Uh okay I'll tell Ezra." You replied and hung up. "Hey uh Ezra, I need to head back. Your dads coming over tonight." Ezra stood up, and Jake look relieved. "I'm not done asking questions. Your telling me tomorrow." You said to him and walked out of the house. The sky was a big blur of grey filled with dark, stormy clouds that were drifting across the sky. "Let's go quick. I hate storms." Ezra shivered and jumped into the driver's seat. You liked it when it stormed. Especially just sleeping all day and watching a billion movies. "Hey Ezra, I really appreciate what you did today." You smiled at her thanking her for practically saving Alex from losing a lot of blood, and becoming fatal. "Hey I can't just have powers and NOT use them. It's not big deal. Besides he can't die." She gave you a reassuring smile. You had forgotten that, but Immortals still felt human pain. Ezra pulled up to the end of the road, and parked. You jumped out of the car and walked up the path. "Woah whats that?" Ezra stopped you and you stared up the dirt road. There was a dark figure coming towards you and Ezra. "Maybe its one of the guys?" You questioned rather then answering. The figure was a little taller then the guys though. You and Ezra took a couple of steps back. "_____!" The shadow waved from the dark. "Who is it? Its calling for you." Ezra looked at you. The figure came into the dark faded grey the sky was reflecting. "Patch? What are you doing here?" Ezra asked before you could. "Ezra, I need to talk to _____.." He gave her a look and then looked at you. "Ohh, your telling her." She nodded and walked up the path. "Uh I'll wait outside the house so the guys don't see me and ask for you." She walked up the dirt road. Thankfully the woods were covering you and Patch so they couldn't see the two of you together.
  9. As soon as Ezra was out of sight, Patch began to talk. "I need to talk to you." "I kind of heard you say that already." You replied. He looked around as if you two were being watched. "I'm not suppose to be here ____." "Why? What do you mean?" You asked looking around too, trying to see what he was looking at. "I'm mean I'm not suppose to be here with you. I'm not even suppose to have any contact with you." He explained quickly. "What do you mean? Why not?" He drew out a long breath. "I can't because of what's happened in the past. Its a long story but I have to tell you now since the Immortal Society is taking away your powers." You took a step back. "There taking away my powers? Why?" You felt a little angered. Cory had sad they might take them away, but how have they changed there minds in such small amount of time. This was all Erika's fault. "I can't tell you that, but Xavier can. I'm here to talk to you about the Nephilim Society." Finally. He was going to tell you something about him, and it was something you've been wanting to know.
  10. "Nephilim society? Jake told me about it. Well he mentioned it." You replied. Patch scoffed. "What would he know about it? He has nothing to do with it." "No he mentioned the society wanting something from you." You stared at him. "What do they want?" He stared at you for a long time before replying. "They want you ____." You laughed a little. "Patch your not scaring me." "You think I'm trying to scare you? I'm being serious right now." He stared at you with his dark coal eyes, and thats when you knew he was being serious. "Why do they want me?" You asked a little creeped out by the fact that a something society wanted you. "I don't even know how to explain this." He looked down and pushed his dark hair back with both his hands. "Just talk. I'll try to comprehend." You joked trying to lighten up the mood, which failed. "Just tell me about the Nephilim Society." He looked at you. "The Nephilim Society is made up of hundreds of offsprings. There known as the Nephilim royalty, because they have the original blood of a Nephilim." He looked back up at you. "Whats a Nephilim?" You asked. "The Nephilim are and offspring of a human and a fallen angel. Known as 'sons of god.'" You read about them in a book once when you went to school. You took a mythology class. It explained why the word sounded so familiar.
  11. " Why do they want me?" You asked a little frightened. He inhaled a deep breath. "In your past life-" Past life? What is he talking about? "I fell in love with you. I wasn't suppose to, I shouldn't have because I can't. I made bad choices in my past and the Nephilim Society weren't happy with it so they came looking for me. I'm not suppose to be here ____. I''m not suppose to have contact with you. But I can't help it.." He stared at you, and for the first time his eyes revealed emotion. "What?" You rubbed your temples trying to understand everything he was saying. "I- I don't understand? My past life? What do you mean?" "You were reincarnated." He looked around again. There was movement in the bushes.
  12. Patch heard it too and snapped his head in the direction. "I have to be careful, they could be watching me." He said in a low voice. "What happens if they catch you? What happens if they catch me?" You asked one after the other. "If they catch me, no big deal. If they catch you, then its a big deal. Your wanted ____. Not for some magic revelation you possess, but because you've survived something no human has ever been able to do or handle. Multiple things, and besides the fact your lucky enough to be one of the only two mortals who have ever received powers." The bush started to move again. "Somebody's watching us." Patch said looking around. "It's just me, calm down." Ezra popped out of the bush with leaves crowning her hair. "What are you doing in a bush?" You asked. "My phone started ringing and the guys heard it so I dove into the bushes and walked down here. I didn't want to take any chances of getting caught. That would of been awkward." She stumbled out and fixed her hair. Patch sort of did a fake cough. "Oh sorry. I'll be in the car. Patch you need to hurry up and just tell her." "I'm trying." He mumbled and she walked away. "What have I survived?" You asked. It sort of worried you how people were looking for Patch. What would they do to him? "Patch.. what if they kill you?" Your heart started pumping faster. "They can't.. I mean.. I Can't die." He stared at you. "You can't die? Why? Wait.. are you an immortal too?" You questioned. He rubbed the back of his neck. "No. I'm a fallen angel."

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