The life between magic & boys Pt. 26

Welcome to part 26 guys! Ah I'm so happy, I bought my ticket to go see One Direction at Mall of America in two weeks and I'm pretty excited! (X **READ** I want to give credit to Angelic4 and Rosekat for the idea of playing the guys in COD.

Descriptions: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You found out Patch is going to also be on the island. He's staying with Xavier, Ezra's dad. Ezra is one of Tyler's friend, and you two really got along. In fact you almost instantly became best friends. She's Cory's girlfriend and she is going to be helping you out with Patch and Jake.
  2. Ezra opened the door and you walked in behind her. "Cory!" She squealed and ran up to him. She jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist. "Hey babe." He replied catching her. "Oh.. _____?" He stared at you as he set Ezra down on her feet. "Meet my new best friend." She giggled. "So you guys are good friends now?" He smirked. "Yup." You smiled. "Hey who's here?" Someone asks from behind you. You turn around and see Jake leaning against the wall, smiling at you. "Jake.." You smile and he walks up to you and hugs you. "Hey." He whispers in your ear, and you hug him back. "Aww, aren't they cute Cory?" Ezra giggled and you blushed. "Get some." Cory coughed. Obviously that was more towards Jake, who laughed and shoved Cory. "So I see you warmed up to Ezra?" Jake looked at you. "More then I imagined. She is literally almost my best friend." You laughed. Ezra giggled and smiled at you. Jake and Cory stared at her. "What I like the girl. She's different from the others." You stared at Jake and Cory, a bit lost. "Ezra isn't exactly known for being nice to girls. But surprisingly she likes you." Cory looked at you with an impressed look. They were all staring at you so it was making you feel uncomfortable. You heard something bark, and Oliver came sprinting into the room. "Hey Oliv- woahh!" Oliver jumped on you and you feel on your back. "Calm down." You laughed pushing his face away slightly so he wouldn't shower your face with his tongue. "Oliver, c'mere boy!" Jake whistled, but he didn't move. You rose back onto your feet and pet Oliver on his head. "Looks like Oliver likes ____ more then you." Cory and Ezra laughed. "I wouldn't blame him. I think I liker her, too." Jake looked at you and gave you his famous smile, that was known to make your heart instantly melt and make your stomach do a full flip. "Well I'll just leave you two alone." Cory put his arm around Ezra- who winked at you just as they both walked out.
  3. You and Jake were in the room alone together, standing in front of each other. "So you like me?" You said with out thinking, and instantly blushed. " Yeah, I think so... Wait no, I KNOW I like you." He smiled and your heart starting racing faster then a normal person's heart beat. He stepped forward and put his hands on your waist. "I'm glad I came. The view Is gorgeous." He smiled at you showing his perfect white teeth. "I like the beach, too." "I wasn't talking about the beach." He stared at you with his gorgeous crystal clear blue eyes. They were the prettiest blue you had ever seen. You blushed. "Well in that case I like my view, too." You whispered and stared into his eyes. It was like he could control anything else from this point on because you were so mesmerized by his eyes. He smiled softly and leaned in and kissed your lips. He held you tightly in his arms the whole time. You heard faint laughter but ignored it, and continued to kiss Jake. The laughter grew louder and you pulled away to see where the laughing was coming from. "C'mon guys, seriously?" Jake stared at Cory, who was peeking around the corner with Ezra. "oohh! _____!" Ezra giggle and gave you a thumbs up. "Yeah Jake!" Cory shouted. Jake turned and faced you. "Don't listen to them." He laughed "I wasn't planning to." You stuck your tongue out at them. "There just jealous." He said and kissed you again, holding you tighter and closer then before. "Awww!" Ezra gushed. You felt Jake's mouth curve into a smile and you laughed.
  4. "You guys are so cute! You'd make a good couple" Ezra once again pointed out. You blushed and Jake hugged you, flicking off Cory who was grinning. You both laughed. "Dude, why isn't she your girlfriend yet?" Cory yelled out. You felt Jake's body tense up and luckily April cut in. "Oh! Look at the time, _____ we need to go pick up our clothes." She rushed to you and grabbed you by the arm pulling you away from Jake, who looked lost. "Uh, I'll see you later?" You said and walked out the door behind April. "What the hell was Cory thinking? He needs to stop!" Ezra was talking to her self. "Stop what?" You asked and she stopped, forgetting you were beside her. "Oh nothing, he just doesn't... know how to stop uh- farting?" She answered more in a question rather then a reply. "Oh, ew." You jumped into the car. "It is so nice out!" She opened her windows. "I know, I love this weather." You smiled out the window. "Well, it's around 3 so what do you want to do?" She looked over at you. "Uh well I'm not sure, want to go to the beach??" You ask. "Yes! I can work on my tan." She grinned. "I've got to go back to the house to get my stuff though." "Already on it." She replied and hit the gas.
  5. In a short period of time you reached the house and ran up the path into the living room. "Want to come to the beach with me and Ezra later?" You asked Josh and Calisto, who were playing COD. "Sure." They replied not even looking up. You rolled your eyes. "Alright that's it." You grabbed the remote from Josh's hands and paused the game. "Let me play against you." Josh and Alex laughed while the others just stared at you like you were crazy. Ezra walked into the house. "Yeah right. Give me the remote." Josh reached for the remote but you pulled it away. "If I win you guys don't play COD for two weeks." They all raised there eyebrows. "and if you loose?" Alex asked. "I'll clean your guy's room and do your laundry for a month." You replied with confidence. They all laughed, "Bring it." Max said. "Never under estimate a girl." Ezra said under her breath, and sat down. "Okay then. It's on. Who's up first?" You ask. The idea was playing one on one because it wouldn't be fair if the guys teamed up on you. You wanted to beat each one of them individually. "I'll go." Max grabbed the remote and you sat down in between Josh and Alex. Max saved his game and started a new one. You were good at this game. No one knew other then you, and the guys were about to find out. You ran around hiding behind buildings. Max was to easy, so you let him hit you. Besides it was best 2 out of 3. "HA!" Max yelled and the guys cheered him on. "Go ____!" Ezra cheered giving you a big grin. The next time you came up behind Max and shot him. "What the hell? That was a lucky shot." Max said blowing out a deep breath. "Sure." You laughed. The second time around you killed Max within 5 seconds. "Okay what the hell? What are you using to cheat?" He stood up and handed the remote to you. The guys all laughed at Max. "You just got killed." Josh punched him in the arm. "Who's next?" You smirked. "I am." Alex leaned over and picked up the remote staring you down the whole time.
  6. "Ha, ___ thinks she can beat me." He elbowed Calisto. "Lets go ALEXANDER." You faced him. "She just called you by your full name. You gunna take that?" Josh joked. Alex faced you and squinted his eyes. The game started and Alex was a little more of a competition. He was good always hiding by using smoke grenades. You hid behind a building and he came running towards you. Alex shot at you but was out of ammo. "Hahaha." You laughed and shot at him, killing him. He turned and faced you. "That was luck." You went to the next round and used smoke grenades like they were shooting out of nowhere. The screen was covered in smoke and you saw a faint figure. You sniped Alex from the distance. "What?! How did you see me?! You shot me from THAT far?" Alex ran his fingers through his hair in disbelief. "Alright boys. Let me handle this." Josh grabbed the remote from Alex's hand. They said he was 'The King' at COD. "Bring it Josh." He looked over at you and grinned. Guess there was no best 2 out of 3 for Alex. "Get ready to clean." The game started. You ran around shooting at him, but missed. He WAS good. Josh shot at you and hit your arm. "Damn that was close." You said under your breath. "This is going to take one round thats all. Watch and learn guys." Josh seemed confident about him winning. You were running behind Josh, hiding behind objects. He came into view and you threw a tomahawk that hit him in the head. "YES!" you screamed and jumped up. "______! OH MY GOD!" Ezra congratulated you by giving you a big hug. "Who's the king- well queen now?" You grinned at the guys, who all had there jaws dropped in disbelief. "What the hell just happened?" Josh looked at you and then at the screen. "I believe I just beat all three of you in a friendly game of Call of Duty. And this is mine for the next two weeks." You walk over to the PS3 and pop out the disc.
  7. "Since when are you good at COD?" Max asks. "Ezra told you herself. Don't ever under estimate a girl." You smirked at them. "So your hot, and you play COD? So now your even hotter. oh my god." Alex ran his fingers through his hair. "Hope you guys can handle your lives for the next two weeks, get ready were going to the beach now." You put the game in its case and bring it up to your room. "Ugh! your room is amazing!" Ezra gushed. "Thanks, I can barely handle it myself." You joked. "Your so lucky. Traveling the world with attractive guys who have powers? I'm pretty sure you have an amazing life." She laughed. "You can stay in my room whenever you want. My bed is big enough for an obese Elephant." You both laughed. "Thanks. You know I do think we could be friends. I mean I've stuck with you for a whole day and all I get are good vibes." She smiled at you. "Thanks, I think?" You walked into your closet and picked out another swim suit. "You closet is so big!" She did a 360 of the room. "I know its the size of the room I use to sleep it." Ezra laughed. "So do you already have a swimming suit with you?" You asked from the bathroom, where you were changing. "Yeah, I already have it on." She yelled back. "Okay I'm ready." You slip on your flip flops and go back downstairs.
  8. The guys were already ready. They were still mumbling about how you beat them in COD. There only pride was now demolished. Alex had his surfboard in his arm. You walked out of the house and down the dirt path. "Calm down guys, it was just a game." You and Ezra laughed. "Just a game to you." Alex muttered. "Lighten up guys." Josh turned to them. They all nodded but you didn't know what they were nodding at so you looked forward. Nothing was there other then the beach. "ah!" You felt yourself being lifted off the ground. Josh had picked you up, and he was running down the beach with you in his arms. All the guys were chasing Josh down the beach, his black hair and emerald green eyes were shining underneath the sun. "Ready for a cold bath?" He laughed looking down at you. You squirmed in his arms. "No Josh the water is so cold!" To late. Josh threw you in the water and a cold rush rippled up and down your skin. You were in the shallow up so you could literally just sit on your butt. "colddd!" You said to Josh. He laughed as the other guys splashed into the water. "I'm finally going surfing!" Alex said sitting on the board that was floating on the water's surface. "Go Alex!" You blocked out the sun by covering it with your hand. You realized you were in your shorts and T-shirt, "augh. Josh! you wet my clothes." You walked onto the beach and sat next to Ezra, who was laying on a towel attempting to tan. You pulled off your shirts and twisted the water out of it. "So which one are you going to flirt with today?" Ezra grinned at you. "None, I'm here to swim, not flirt." You threw your shirt on a rock so the sun could dry it. "Aw, whats a beach with out flirting?" She frowned. "A beach?" You replied. "I'm just saying. If I lived with five hot guys, I'd be a flirting expert. I mean there so into you!" She removed her sunglasses and stared at the guys.
  9. You pulled off your shorts and also set them on the large rock. "So are you going to tan with me too?" She grinned. "I guess so." You laughed. You set down a large towel and laid on it. "Here." Ezra handed you a pair of large sunglasses. "Thanks." You grabbed them and covered your eyes. The sun was kissing your skin, giving you the right amount of warmth. "So when are we going to start project patch?" She looked over at you. "Project patch?" you repeated the name. "What? It's catchy." It actually kind of was. "I don't know. I'm meeting him tonight." You look up at the sky. Ezra leans up. "You bad ass! Your sneaking out to go see him tonight? How Romeo and Juliet of you." She laughed and laid back down. "Romeo and Juliet? really?" You looked back over to her. "Oh come on. They were young and in love, too. Its the only thing I can think of." "We're not in love. I just like him." You reply still staring into the sky. "Oh sure that's what you say now." She playfully elbowed you. "I don't think so. Love.. is to much of word with meaning. I only say it to my family. I've never said it to a guy before. and I prefer to keep it that way." You looked over at her and she was smiling at you. "What?" You asked. "I don't know. You just make me laugh." She turned over onto her stomach. "Thanks?" You tried to change the subject before she brought up Patch again. "So tell me about the island. Are we the only people on here?" "Oh jeez no. Were the only ones one this side of the island. There's a small town on the south end." She explained. "Whats down there?" "They have a bunch of stores like a mini mall, a pier that was a carnival on it, and just small stores you know like food, medicine, a bank etc." She turned over once again and yawned up and the sky.
  10. "The carnival sounds like fun." You imagine going on the giant Ferris wheel. "You have no idea. So many cute guys. Don't tell Cory though. I can look, but I can't touch." She laughed and you couldn't help but laugh too. You saw Alex jump onto his surfboard after multiple times of falling off. He waited for a wave to come, and when it did he stood on top of the board steering himself to glide on the water. He was far out, so he looked like a tiny figure. "I love the weather on this island." Ezra said. You looked over at her and she had her arms spread out so she was making a T with her body. "Tell me about it. I grew up in a town full of snow." You frowned. "Snow is terrible, it's only nice when it comes once in awhile. But everyday for 365 days. That's gotta suck." It was quiet for a moment. She lifter herself to sit up and looked out at the ocean. You saw her jump in her seat. She removed her sunglasses and looked out at the ocean. "Whats going on?" You took off your sunglasses to see better and looked out at the shore. The guys were running towards Alex's board. "Where's Alex?" You squinted to look out at the ocean. It was hard to look at because the sun was reflecting light off of the water. Ezra stood up. "Oh my god. Over there!" She pointed and you saw Alex. You heard a noise, but as soon as you saw Alex you jumped to your feet at ran down to the water. The closer you got to the water the louder the sound got. Then you realized it was Alex screaming. You looked out at the water and saw Josh and Calisto swimming towards Alex. There was a color red floating around him and on the water. Your blood was pumping fast. "What happened?!" You asked Max and Tyler who were the only ones on shore. Then you realized the red color was blood. "Alex got bit by a shark."

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