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  • poor Alex, doesn't one of the characters have healing powers? Beating them at Call of Duty Rocked and can't wait to see Patch! And I totally would of loved to go surfing with Alex, too bad he became shark bait :( Can't wait for the next part and this cliffhanger is harsh XD

  • ALEX!!!! IS HE OKAY?! PLEASE TELL HE'S GONNA BE OKAY!!!! *cries uncontrollably* ALEX!!! No, he can't die, please tell me he isn't gonna die! Not my funny, hot Alex! DON'T KILL HIM!!!! Eeeerrgggg! *brings out a totally awwesome gun like they have on COD* That shark is gonna PAY! *starts shooting off rounds at the shark* That's right! No one messes with my hot guys! Not even one out all 7! ESPECIALLY JAKE!!!! I mean ALEX. AND ALEX. JAKE & ALEX. XD

    Why can't I make up my mind? Oh, yeah, because I'm stupid, and like to fall in love with 7 dif. EXTREMELY HOT GUYS.

    10 stars! :D

  • WHAT?! ALEX GOT BIT BY A SHARK!!!!!!!! Ooooooooooooh that shark is in trouble and I loved the scene where *I* beat the guys at cod that was awesome!great job and I already am excited for the next one oh and now *first to comment dance* and as always KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!

  • ALEX!!!!!!!! oooohhh that shark is going down! I'm going to kill that thing or eat it alive or both!!!! (wow I'm violent!) I'm going to tear it to shreds and eat it for dinner! How dare that shark even touch Alex! MY ALEX!!!! *swims into water and changes into giant white wolf like the ones from twilight and attacks the shark* DUE SHARK DIIIEEEEE!!!!!! *kills shark* *runs over to Alex and changes into human again* ALEX PLEASE BE OK!!!!!

  • I AM STUNNED ! ALEX....OMGGG OMGG ! Imma kill that freaking sharkk. I, the character is soo awesome ! She beat the guys at COD. Btw, I LOVED THIS ONE TO THE EXTENT ! YOU ARE AWESOME

  • Who the heck is April in question 6?

  • I ^am with ya Firey_soul! I'ma kill that dam shark it is dead no one hurts my second favorite guy!


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