The life between magic & boys Pt. 25

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Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-Cap: You finally arrive in Australia and got a look at your new house, which is amazing. You went down to the beach for awhile and saw a fire. You thought it would be the guys so you went to go check it out.
  2. You saw a figure sitting on a log around the fire. You couldn't really make out who it was because the fire was covering the view of the person, and he/she was looking down. You walked closer, so you could make out who the person was. "Oh my god." Your heart dropped and you choked back on your own tears. Patch was sitting on the log, ten feet away from you. You walked closer making sure it wasn't an illusion or something. "Patch?" He looked up at you and his eyes widened. You knew it was real. He was actually here, only feet away from you. "Patch!" You screamed, overwhelmed and ran towards him as fast as you could. He looked confused at first but before he could do anything you tackled him with a hug making him fall backwards off the log. You were awkwardly sitting on top of him. "Sorry." You blushed as he wiped sand off of him. He stopped and looked at you. "___? What are you doing here? and why are you crying?" You didn't realize you were crying until he mentioned it. You wiped your eyes "What am I doing here? This is where I'm staying..." You felt a little disappointed that he didn't seem as happy as you were. You frowned and got up "What are YOU doing here?" He stood up and walked over to the log to sit down again. "I told you I'm always going to be around." He gave you a small smile which made you feel a little better. You walked over and sat down next to him. "I didn't think you literally meant it.." You laughed. "How did you know I was here? I didn't even tell you I was leaving." You questioned. "I overheard the guys talking about it when I came over." He played with his hands. The heat of the fire danced around the two of you, and you inhaled the scent of the fire. It's been awhile since you've actually sat in front of a fire. "I'm starting to think your my stalker." You joked. "Well if that's what you want to call." He laughed. Your nose was running from the tears you let out. "So you want to tell me whats wrong?" He looked down at you and your heart could of almost literally melted. His eyes were so dark, and all you saw was the faint glow of the fire in them. " Its kind of dumb." You let out a small laugh wiping your eyes. You were still overwhelmed at the thought of Patch being here, and so close to you. "Nothing you could ever say would be dumb." He stared at you. His stare was making this feel so intense, that you faced the fire. "I thought I left the ship with out saying goodbye to you, and that I wasn't ever going to see you again." You laughed at yourself because you made it sound so cheesy. He smiled at you. "There isn't going to be a goodbye between us." He said and put his hand on your leg. As soon as his hand touched you, you had that warm rush of adrenaline shoot through you again.
  3. You stared back up at him. You really didn't want to feel so attached to Patch. He made you feel...different. The same thing happened with Jake. It's really making things weird in your head but you just don't understand these two guys. Your feelings for Jake and Patch are so strong it scares you. You barely know them but you really like them. "So where are you staying?" You ask. "I'm staying with Xavier." He said. "The guy with the accent who can fly a helicopter?" You raised an eyebrow. "Yeah the guy who brought you here. I've known him for a long time." "He seems... interesting." You say. "Oh he is." Patch laughs. "I noticed." You joke. Your phone starts ringing. It was Alex. "Oh crap, hold on." you hesitated to answer. "Hello?" You breathed into the phone. "Hey where are you? It's getting late." He said through the device. "I was on the beach, but I'm on my way back now." You reply and hang up. "Who was that?" Patch asked. "Alex, they want me to head back." You replied. "That sucks. I was hoping you'd stay out here with me." Patch grinned and the thought of being out here all night with him made butterflies explode in your stomach. You blushed and stood up from the log. "Maybe some other time. I should go." He stood up to face you. "Well since this has been driving me nuts all night I'll just have to do it now." He smirked. "Do what?" You asked and Patch hooked his fingers in the belt loops of your shorts and pulled you closer, up against his chest. "This." He whispered and kissed you. It had to be the perfect moment. You two were right in front of the blazing fire, the heat rising against your skin. And Patch's body heat just made everything warmer. You ran your fingers through his soft black hair, and pulled him closer. Patch now had his hands on your lower back holding you close. You reluctantly pulled away and rested your forehead on his.
  4. You looked up at him. "I've got to talk to you." "About what?" He asked. "It's a long story, can you come back here tomorrow?" "Yeah sure." You really wanted to ask him about this society thing Jake mentioned. Patch wasn't exactly telling you everything. "Great, I'll see you tomorrow." You smiled at him and hugged him once more. After letting go you quickly ran back to the beach to pick up your shoes, that you forgot about until you stepped on a damn rock. After you grabbed then you just decided to walk back barefoot. It reminded you of all the summers back at your house. You never liked to wear shoes, it was flip flops, minimum. Nature was just your thing, it was beautiful and relaxing. You continued up the dirt path, and reached the house. It was huge, and looked amazing at night. You walked up the steps and opened the door.
  5. "Hey ____" Josh said as you shut the door behind you. "Hey, what are you guys doing?" Calisto, Josh, and Tyler were all sitting in the living room. "Were watching a movie. Alex and Max are somewhere doing who knows what." Calisto laughed. "Well I'm off to take a shower." "Careful, Alex might be hiding in there." Josh laughed. You rolled your eyes and walked up the soft, spiral staircase. It took you a couple of walks around the house to find your room, but you eventually found it and walked in. "Hey." Alex said, he was sitting on your bed. "What are you doing in here?" You asked. "Max and I were exploring and then I saw your room and I really wanted to try out your bed. It's a lot better then mine." He said jumping on it. "Where's Max?" You asked. He laid on his back. "He went off somewhere. You know what would make this bed better?" He asked. "What?" "You and me in this bed-" "Perve!" You threw a shoe at him. "Hey! I was going to say cuddling." He laughed. "Oh.." You blushed. He sat up on his elbows and stared at you. "Wanna go swimming?" He asked. You were going to take a shower, but swimming sounded a lot better. Especially in the pool downstairs. You haven't seen in before. "Hmm.. Why not." You say and walk over to one of your suitcases. "Sweet." He grinned. "I need to change hold on." You walked into your bathroom and changed into your two piece swim suit that you got for sale awhile ago and never got to put on. It was a super pretty light blue, that made your skin look softer. You put on pair of shorts and a tank top to cover up. "I'm ready." You said walking out the door into the hallway. "Uh.. which way is the pool?" "Let me escort you." Alex joked and began to walk.
  6. You walked down the spiral stairs and down a hall that lead to a giant indoor pool. It was huge, and the whole room was surround by large glass windows. There was even a mini Tiki bar with stools. There was a jacuzzi off to the side and a waterfall cliff that was at the end of the large pool. "This place is awesome." you said in awe. There was another smaller pool with fish in it, and a couple of tables and seats on the sides of the pool and one giant water slide at the opposite end of the waterfall. "Well? What are you waiting for start stripping." Alex grinned and tugged off his shirt showing off his tan abs. He was already in his swimming shorts. "wohoo!" Alex dived into the clear blue water. You pulled off your shorts and shirt. It was cold in the room. "C'mon" Alex called from the water. "I'm going down on the slide." You called out and walked to the slide. You walked up the cool, damp stairs and reached the water slide. You sat down and the cold rush of water sent chills all over your skin. "Ah! cold cold cold." You said through gritted teeth. You pushed yourself forward and went sliding down into the water. Your whole body went numb for a moment because the water was so cold. You pushed yourself to the surface and caught your breath. You looked around for Alex. He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you waist. You laughed, and splashed him in his face. "Oh so that's how you want to play?" He wiped his eyes as you swam away. You pulled yourself onto the side of the pool and dangled your legs over the side of the ledge as Alex swam around. "This is a really nice pool." He called out. "Its also really cold." You said as your teeth chattered. Alex came over and rested his elbows on the ledge. "You can use my towel angel." Alex pulled himself out of the water and walked over to a table. He picked up a towel and wrapped it around you as he sat down next to you. "Thanks." You replied. You splashed your feet around in the cool water. "How are you liking the house?" Alex asked. "House? I think we all know this place is like a mansion, but it's awesome. I never really thought I'd end up in a place like this. A dream house with five amazing guys." You turned to him and smiled. "Just sharing one big house with and amazing girl." He smiled back. "What are you looking forward to here?" You asked him. Alex looked down at the pool, concentrating on the question. "I really want to surf." He grinned. "I always wanted to but never got the chance." "Well were going to do it soon, because I'm so in on the surfing." You laughed. "It's seems like we haven't really got to hang together in a while. I mean just the two of use." Alex turned to face you. "I know.." You whispered. "Ah hell, I can't wait much longer." Alex grabbed your waist and pulled you close to him. You stared into his gorgeous blue eyes. He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours. It felt like eternity since you last kissed Alex's soft lips. After a few minutes you pulled away to catch your breath.
  7. "yup feels good to finally be able to do that again." He smirked. "Yeah I know, I'm an amazing kisser." You made a fish face. Alex laughed and stood up to check his phone. "Holy crap its already 11." "11?! Why does time go by so fast?" You groaned. "I know it goes by pretty fas-" "Hey guys" Max walked in and his voice echoed across the room. "You ditched me butt munch." Alex frowned at Max. "I'm sah-wee." He replied in a weird voice. "You guys are weird." You said in between laughs. Alex and Max are best friends, and they get weird when they're together. But they had to be the funniest people you knew. "Where did you go anyways?" Alex asked shaking water out of his hair. You stared at him. Alex could of been a freaking Abercrombie model. He was tall, blonde, and had amazing abs. He was hot, and there was no denying that. "I was eating." Max replied. "ugh I'm hungry." Your stomach growled as a response. "I'll see you guys later. I'm probably going to go to bed after I eat out the whole kitchen." You said and they laughed as you walked away. You were serious though. Being a teenage girl and its problems made you hungry. Always wanting food but it's normal.
  8. You directed yourself to the kitchen and searched the cupboards to see what the house had. "I'm in heaven." There was literally stacks of your favorite food in every inch of the kitchen. "I'm going to die happy." You said as you grabbed some of your favorite snacks. You were to lazy to cook anything so you grabbed a couple of cookies and returned to your bedroom. You walked in and went to your closet. "Towel.." You rummaged through your suitcases and finally found a towel. You dried yourself off and grabbed a pair of clothes that you could change into after your shower. You walked into the large bathroom, kicked off your clothes stepped into the shower that was dripping warm water. You took a 15 minutes shower and walked out drying yourself and then putting on your clothes. You combed your hair and applied the towel onto your head. "How does this thing work?" You walked over to the glass fireplace. It had a button on the side, which you pushed. "Ooo.." You were amused at how it lit itself up and the fire began to crackle. It made your room really warm. "What the heck." You mumbled at yourself for not putting on your PJ's. You put on clothes instead, which had no point because you were going to sleep. "Wow. This is comfy." You said as you jumped onto your bed. It was SO soft and comfortable. If you knew what a cloud felt like, it was definitely like your mattress. After adjusting to your new bed, you dozed off into a deep slumber.
  9. ** Your eyes were closed but you felt someone jump onto your bed and hug you. Your eyes flashed open. "Hey ___" Josh said hugging you from behind. "aghughhh hi.." You rolled over and shoved your face into your pillow. "I know, it's early, but there's someone here you've got to meet." He says grabbing you and pulling you up. "Jesus?" You asked sarcastically. Josh laughed, "No, a friend of Tyler's is here." You stood up on your feet. "Ugh fine okay. At least let me get ready so they don't have to face my morning mohawk." You pointed to your crazy hair that was sticking everywhere. "I already did." Josh laughed. "See you downstairs." He said and shut the door behind him. You reached for your cell phone and check the time. "What the hell. Who comes over at 9 in the morning?" You groaned and walked into your closet. You slipped into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. "Wow.. funky hair." You combed your crazy hair, which looked a lot better after and then brushed your teeth. You smiled into the mirror picking at your teeth and then walked back into your room. "What am I missing?" You searched your room. "Ah- cellphone." You grabbed your cell and shoved it into your pocket as your quickly walked out the door.
  10. You jogged down the stairs and into living room. The guys were all sitting down on the couches around an unfamiliar person. You walked up to them. "Sorry, I had to get ready." You said a little out of breath. "Hey, this is Ezra." They introduced a girl your age. She was about an inch shorter then you and had long brown hair, and dark brown eyes. "Hi I'm Ezra." She smiled and grabbed your hand. "I'm ____ nice to meet you." You smiled back. "This is Xavier's daughter." Tyler said. "Yeah we grew up together." She said. "Oh Xavier has kids?" You asked a little surprised. That's who Patch lives with. Does she know Patch? "Yeah but it's just me." She smiled. She seemed like an upbeat girl, and she kind of reminded you of your best friend Emily, back in your hometown. "Well, we're going to let you girls do what ever girls do, while we men continue our game of COD." Alex said as he turned on the TV. "Boys." Ezra rolled her eyes. "I know" You agreed. "This place is amazing." She said. "Want to check out the deck? It has a pretty awesome view." "Sure." She smiled and you began the walk up to the third floor.
  11. You walked out onto the wooden deck that was 50 feet in the air. Your hair was being blown around by the ocean's air. "Wow.." Ezra walked over to the balcony and looked around. "This place is SO much better then my house!" She said in awe. "Where do you live?" You asked as you sat down at one of the chairs. "I live on the East side of the beach." She said sitting down next to you. "So I know we just met, but us girls have go to stick together. I think were the only girls on the island other then the old store clerk in town." She said in quirky voice. It reminded you of Emily, and a lot. "It's actually been awhile since I had a normal conversation with a girl. I'm usually just sitting around or doing something with the guys." Ezra giggle "So which one is your boyfriend?" She grinned at you. You laughed a little. "None of them. I mean there all amazing, but if I called one of them my boyfriend the others would be upset and it would cause a whole bunch of drama." You ranted. It actually had been a long time since you had a normal conversation with a girl. Ezra seemed really easy to talk to.
  12. "Ugh I know. Drama is the worst thing." She muttered. "So do you have a boyfriend?" You asked. "Yes, I actually do." She gave you a bright smile. "What's his name?" "His name is Cory." She said as if he were her prince charming. Cory, huh it reminded you of Jake's best friend. "Aww how long have you guys been dating?" "About two weeks. He just broke up with his dumb Ex-girlfriend Rachel about a month ago. Ugh I hate her." She scoffed. Oh my god. She WAS going out with the Cory you knew. "Wait Cory, as in the blonde haired, green eyed one?" You asked. "Yeah! you know him?" She raised an eyebrow. "Oh my god! I know him, and I hate Rachel, too!" You laughed. "No way! How do you know Cory? and what did Rachel do to you? He threw and egg at me when I first started dating Cory" She said. You and Ezra already had one thing in common and that was hating Rachel. The moment you met Cory popped up into your head, and it would of been awkward to tell her that he had tired to flirt with you so you lied. "I know his best friend, Jake. and Rachel was just mean to since day one." "You know Jake? Oh my god. Wait, so your the girl he's always talking about?!" She squealed, laughing. You blushed. "He talks about me?" your heart starting racing in excitement. "Are you kidding me? He never shuts up!" She laughed. You blushed again.
  13. Jake talks about you. It made you feel like a typical teenage girl who had a crush on a guy. "So Rachel. What's her problem with you?" Ezra asked. "I have no idea. She's so annoying. But I happened to teach her a lesson." You grinned, and a smirk spread across Ezra's face. "What did you do?!" "I beat her up. Punched her right in the jaw." You laughed. "Oh my god! I worship you!" Ezra said and began to bow. "Was it like a light punch, or hard?" She asked. "I punched her so hard my knuckles bruised." You both laughed your hearts out. "You know _____, I have a feeling that were going to be good friends." She said catching her breathe. "If we do, I'm going to be really happy because I need a girl to talk to about all these crazy guys." You sighed. "Wait so if Xavier is your dad, do you know Patch?" You asked. "Patch? Yeah! He lives with us, and don't tell Cory this, but he is SO hot." Ezra giggled. "I can't deny that." You replied. She stared at you. "Oh my god. Patch too?!" She laughed. "You sly girl! What is that?" She counted on her fingers. "oh my god! SEVEN guys! You are such a guy magnet! I'm so jealous!" She laughed. Wow.. Seven guys? You hadn't really thought about it. "What can I say?" You laughed nervously. "Wow.. Your so pretty I can't blame them!" She said. "Thanks." You smiled. Ezra was a really cool girl, and you were starting to warm up to her bubbly personality.
  14. "So do you have powers like your dad?" You asked. "Yup, I can heal, and control nature." She giggled. "So what are your feeling towards Patch and Jake?" She asked. Ugh, finally someone you can spill your feelings, too. Having Ezra around made you feel a lot less stressed. "I have no idea.. I like both of them a lot. Its weird because I just met them a few weeks ago but I like them a lot." "You've got that right. The same thing happened with Cory, but I'm just making the most out of my feelings. It must be harder for you since there's two guys, rather then one." She frowned. "You have no idea.." You let out a deep breath. "I have an idea. Since were on the path of becoming good friends I'll help you out with this situation." She smiled. "How?" "Well I live with Patch, and go to Cory's house almost all the time. You can tag along." She smirked. She was a genius. That way you could hang out with both of them and the guys wouldn't even know because they would think your with Ezra. "Your a genius!" You laughed and hugged her. "Thank you, thank you." She giggled and hugged you back. You both puled away. "ahh, I've got to tell you ___ I've never been close with any girls because they all are either to snotty, or they only stay for vacation and leave after awhile." "I know, I left my best friend and she was the only best friend I ever had." You frowned at the thought of Emily. "Let's make a promise." She stuck out her pinky. "Promise what?" "That we'll get to know each other more. and if we do end up becoming best friends, we'll stay that way." She smiled a you. You stuck out your pinky and wrapped it around hers. "I promise." You smiled. Ezra was definitely a unique girl. She seemed confident, and had a really bubbly personality. Not mention she was really pretty. "Hey girls." Alex walked onto the deck. "Hey Alex." "What are you up to?" He sat down in the chair next to you. "Just talking." You looked over at Ezra and you both laughed. "About what?" "Just normal girl stuff." You laughed. "Yuck, your talking about periods." He scrunched his face up. "What the hell Alex? that's not normal girl stuff!" You and Ezra burst out laughing. "Hey ___ Want to come hang out with me?" She winked at you, but Alex didn't see. She was talking about the plan. "Yeah sure. Alex I'm ditching you for Ezra." You joked. He pressed a hand over his heart. "gasp! my heart is broken. your leaving me for a girl? I'm breaking up with you!" He faked a girl voice and pouted. You and Ezra burst out laughing again. "Okay girls, I get it. I'm hilarious, but have fun ___, nice meeting you Ezra." He waved and left the room. "Alex is KAH-YUTE!" She giggled elbowing you. "I know, and you haven't seen him shirtless yet!" You laughed. "So that's what girls talk about." Alex popped his head through the door and grinned at the two of you. "You were eavesdropping?!" Your face turned red. "Its okay. I think your cute too," he winked at you. "and I can't say the same thing about the shirtless part though, that would make me a perve." He make a weird face and left. "Oh he thinks your cute." She giggled. "Shh, make sure he left." You stood up and walked to the door. "Okay he's gone, that was awkward." You blushed.
  15. "He's really funny." Ezra said. "You have NO idea." You laughed. "So do you want to head out?" She asked. "Sure let's go." You both stood up and walked down the stairs. "Hey guys, I'm going to go hang out with Ezra for the day." "Alright, just calls us if you need anything." Josh said in the middle of COD. "Guys." You and Ezra said at the same time. You both walked out the door and down the path. "So how did you get here?" You asked. "I drive a jeep." She jingled her keys in the air. "Nice." You laughed. You came out of the woods and a black jeep came into view. It was a pretty nice one too. "Hop in." She said jumping into the drivers seat. You hopped into the passengers seat and buckled up. She jabbed the key into the ignition and started the car. "Let's go." She flipped on a pair of sunglasses and hit the gas. Ezra was sure a fast driver. She zoomed down the dirt road along the cliffs near the ocean. The wind was wiping your hair everywhere. Ezra finally pulled up to a large white house. It wasn't as big as your but it was big. "This is Cory's house." She grinned. "You ready to see your future boyfriend?" She giggled. You had butterflies in your stomach. "Let's go." She hooked arms with you and walked you up to the door. "The best part about Cory's house is that he doesn't live with his parents." She smirked. "So its just him and Jake?" you asked. "Yup, here comes good times." She opened the door and you walked in behind her. "Cory!" She squealed and ran up to him. She jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist. "Hey babe." He replied catching her. "Oh.. _____?" He stared at you as he set Ezra down on her feet. "Meet my new best friend." She giggled. "So you guys are good friends now?" He smirked. "Yup." You smiled. "Hey who's here?" Someone asks from behind you, so you turn around. Jake was leaning against the wall, smiling at you.

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