The life between magic & boys Pt. 21

Welcome to part 21! (: This one is still more with Patch, and it's intense. So for the ones who are Patch fans, your welcome (: and if you don't like him. Sorry :p

Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-cap: You spend the day with Patch and end up going to a dinner party with him. You see the girl you hate, Rachel, and Jake. Patch and Jake run into each other and look like there going to fight.
  2. "What are you doing here with her." Jake said staring Patch down. "Not lying, and actually being a good guy to her." Patch snaps back. "Whats that suppose to mean?" Jake growled. "It means I'm not a lying scumbag who lies to a girl and hurts her." Patch yelled back. They stood only a foot apart, and at any second now one of them was going to throw a punch. "Get away from him ____, now." Jake demands. Before you can even say anything or move Patch puts his arm in front of you. "She's not going anywhere." Patch says not moving his eyes off of Jake. "Let's make this easy. Just get away from her." Jake gives Patch a evil look. "Me get away from her? You should be the one away from her. All you do is bring trouble and could end up hurting her!" Patch raised his voice. There was now a crowd circling the three of you. "Guys.." You try to cut in but Patch and Jake were so stuck on each other that nothing could break the lock between them. "Just get out of here. You don't deserve her." Patch said. "and you do?!" Jake snapped back. You felt Patch's body heat burning against you. "Babe, what are you doi-" You see Rachel come up and loop her arm into Jake's. "What the?" You feel your inside burning up and you felt super mad. 'What the hell is he doing here with her? Why did SHE call HIM babe? Is he flirting with every girl on the ship?'This was enough to convince you that he was lying to you.
  3. Rachel looked from you, to Patch, to Jake. "Whats going on?" She asked in her high voice. "Get out of here. This doesn't concern you." You said to her. "Shut up you little b-tch. Nobody talks to me like that. This is MY party." She began to rant. You've had enough of her annoying, rude, b-tchy attitude. You haven't done a thing to her. "You know what. SHUT UP! I'm so sick of your nasty, annoying, high pitched voice you slut! I've never done ONE single thing to you. YOU don't talk to ME like that!" You snapped. Her face looked like she had just been slapped. She didn't reply. She didn't say a single word. She just raised her hand and slapped you across your face. The crowd gasped. You felt a warm sting spread across your left cheek, and your face burned up. It was burning up out of embarrassment and anger. You just let out a long sigh. You looked up at her and pulled back your right arm. You swung it out as hard as you could, letting all the anger out through the hard *smack* that hit Rachel right on her cheek bone and lower left eye. The crowd once again gasped, but louder. Rachel feel to the ground. You heard someone yell out a loud "DAMN!" In the background. A couple of people helped her back up. "YOU LITTLE B-TCH! NOBODY TOUCHES ME!" She yells walking towards you. "Woah girls!" Patch stepped in between you two, but you shove him aside. "Says the slut. You probably love being touched." You said. "ughhh! I HATE YOU!" She ran towards you and yanked your hair, which led a sharp pain to your head. "Ow!" You yelled out and grabbed a handful of hers. The both of you fell to the floor, wrestling and pulling each others hairs by the handful. You were on top with both of your hands pulling her hair when you felt a pair of strong arms pull you off her. You kicked her on her side before you got pulled away. "Jeez, calm down fighter." Patch says in your ear as he's pulling you up. "Where is she?!" You yell trying to find her, but Patch holds you back. "Calm down. Breath. I think you whopped her ass good enough for the night." Patch laughs sitting you on a chair. You slow down your breathing and take a couple of deep breaths.
  4. You finally control yourself. "That did not just happen.." You say a your head stinging from all the hair pulling. "Oh it did." Patch smirked. "Did she win? Oh god.." You ask. "Hell no. You definitely won." Patch laughed. "What happened to Jake?" You asked happy you beat up Rachel. She was Jake's date, and both of them deserved it. "We lost him in the exciting crown that was cheering you on." Patch laughed. You couldn't help but laugh a little too. "No you didn't." You hear Jake's voice come up behind you.
  5. You curse under your breath. "Still don't understand what stay the hell away from her means?" Jake says walking towards Patch. "No. I don't. It doesn't matter because your no one to talk." Patch says walking towards him too. You were mad at Jake. For lying to you. For making you like him when he was with Rachel. For being with Rachel in general. "Leave. Go away. Why do you care if I hang out with Patch or not? You have your little mutt over there. She needs a shower by the way. Maybe you could do her a favor." You said in anger. Jake and Patch backed away from each other surprised by your response. You were surprised with yourself too. Your a lot snappier then you usually are, but then again you've never meet a girl like Rachel, or a guy like Jake. "How did I lie?" Jake asks raising his voice. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What happened to 'I don't talk to Erika anymore' ? Huh? WHY WERE YOU WITH HER LAST NIGHT?" You asked raising your voice higher then his. His eyes widened. "How do you know that?" He asked surprised. "So it is true..." You say in a low voice, almost wanting to cry. "Let's go Patch." You grab his arm but he shrugs it off. "Hold on. I want to do this first." He turns around and throws his fist at Jake. You hear a loud thud- which was Patch's fist hitting Jake's face. He hits him so hard his mouth instantly started to bled. You gasp. "That's for hurting her." Patch says and walks off. You stare at Jake who is wiping his mouth off with his sleeve. He didn't look at you, not once. You left with out saying anything to him.
  6. You catch up to Patch. "Thanks.." You say a little out of breath. You both walked out into the hallway, walking quietly. After a few minutes of walking past all the people Patch stopped when it was just the two of you alone. He turned to face you. "Are you okay?" You ask. "Yeah. I'm just worked up about how that douche bag was using you like that." Patch says facing away. "Its okay. It's his loss. He can't have all of this." You say and do an awkward dance that makes Patch laugh. "He has no idea what he's missing.." Patch says staring at you. You stare back into his deep, dark brown eyes. "Your bleeding..." Patch says and he looks down at your lips. You run your fingers on your lips to see were your bleeding. It was the left side of your mouth. You didn't realize Rachel had slapped you so hard that it made you bleed. So you licked your lips tasting your salty blood. Patch watched your mouth the whole time. Your mouth had stopped bleeding, it was just dry blood. 'I want to kiss you so bad' You heard Patch's voice in your head. It sort of freaked you out at first since you weren't use to it.
  7. He stood only inches away from you, waiting for some sort of response. You could feel his body heat dancing around against your skin. It made you feel warm. You looked down at the floor around you, a little overwhelmed. "Then do it." You whisper and look back up to him. He stands there for a moment but then puts one hand on your face and one on your lower back, pulling you up against him. He tilts his head and leans in. He kissed your neck slowly, giving you goosebumps. Then he leaned back up and finally pressed his lips against yours and it gave you a certain rush on energy you've never felt before. His lips were soft and sweet. It wasn't like anything you've ever experience before. You tugged on his shirt, pulling him closer to you. He stepped forward pinning your back against the wall and his abs were pressing against your stomach. He removed his hand off your face and moved it slowly along the side of your body until he reached your waist, and let his hand rest there. He pressed his hand against your hip bone, pinning you even closer to the wall. You ran your hands up his back and up to his hair gripping it and pulling his head closer, making the kiss- well make out, more intense. After minutes you pulled away, catching your breath.
  8. "Wow..." You say out of breath. "So I can't lie. That was hot." Patch laughed also a little out of breath. "Not gunna deny that." You laugh back. "We need to go back to that dinner party..." Patch says. "Whaaattt!" You jump back a little surprised. "I promised her mom.. sorry. but hey, let's give them hell." Patch grins and winks at you. "Well it would be fun to stay at her party knowing she hates me." You laugh. "C'mon." Patch starts walking and leads you back towards the fourth floor. "Wait.. I have to go to the bathroom quickly." You tell Patch and he nods as you walk into a bathroom nearby. You walk in front of a mirror and your surprised with yourself. You didn't look as bad as you thought, you only had messed up hair but you easily fixed that by running your finger through your hair. Once you were finished you walked back out to Patch and the two of you continued on your way back. You finally reach the doors and stand outside them. Your both staring into the place, everyone was mingling among themselves. You slipped your hand into Patch's soft hand. He tilted his head towards you and looked a little surprised. "Let's give them hell." You smile at him and he grins as you pull him in. You walk in hand-in-hand, and almost everyone turned there heads towards you. You looked over to Patch who was grinning down at you. "Well this is... pleasing." You laugh. "Let's go sit down." Patch leads you back to your table and sits you down. You both sit there talking when someone comes up to your table. It was a group of teenagers your age. There were two girls and three guys. "Oh my god! Your the girl that totally beat up Rachel!" One of the girls squealed. You gave her a small smile. "That was so awesome!" One of the guys said, and the other two agreed. "Uh.. Thanks.." You laugh feeling a little awkward. "I'm so happy you won. She deserves it. She's sooo mean to everyone." The other girl said. You laughed a little. "Well you should totally hang out with us sometime! See you around!" The girls said and walked away with the guys following them like lost puppies. "Looks like you have some fans." Patch laughed. "I know, maybe I can make money by signing autographs for best right hook." You reply sarcastically.
  9. Patch laughed a little. "God your hilarious." He says laughing. "I know." You reply and make a duck face, which makes him laugh a little more. "Ahh, Patch. How nice to see you." An older woman says coming up to Patch. "Mrs. Rossdale." Patch stands up and hugs her. "Ah who is your lovely friend." She looks over to you and gives you a welcoming smile. You stand up. "I'm ____ ____." You stick out your hand and she shakes it. "Ellen Rossdale." She gives you another smile. "You didn't tell me your girlfriend was this gorgeous." She laughs softly and looks and Patch who grins. "What can I say? I'm lucky to call her mine." Patch looks at you and smiles. You smile back, blushing. She sits down at your table and the both of you do as well. "So are you two traveling together?" She asks. "No we met on here." Patch says staring at her. "What a shame. Long distance will only work out if there's true love." She smiles softly, as if old memories were flooding into her head. You and Patch look at each other, and then look away. She asks you a few personal questions and gets to know you. "I get a good vibe off of you ____." She gives you a small smile, which you return. "Well I'll let you two go back to being alone, I hope to see you soon ____. It was nice meeting you." She shakes your hand again and walks away. "She seems to really like you.." Patch says with an impressed look. "So?" You reply. "She's high class. She doesn't like anyone 'out of her league'. Its very rare to impress her. and you just accomplished that with out every trying." Patch explained. "Oh.." You say a little stunned and impressed with yourself. "Yeah, and that's Rachel's mom.." Patch adds in. "WHAT?!" You reply nearing choking on your own air. "Yup. Now you have 3 reasons to piss her off. 1) you beat her up. 2) you have me. and 3) her mom likes you." Patch stares at you. You can't help but smile at the thought of making her mad.
  10. "Well.. Looks who's back." Rachel says coming up to your table. You and Patch stare at her. "Hey Rachel. you have something on your face. It looks like something between zits on your face, and a giant bruise on your eye. Where'd you get it? Oh yeah. from me." You give her a smile. "Just wait. I'll get you back, but I think I already did by stealing your boyfriend, Jake. He's a great kisser by the way." She laughs and walks away. That made you even angrier. How could he kiss you yesterday, and then some other girl today. Not to mention the fact that she probably has an STD. "I think she's mad that I won you." You laugh at Patch. "WON me? I'm not a prize." Patch grins. "Your right, you were free, so does that make you easy?" You and Patch laugh. "Great now its time to go dance." Patch says. "Whats so bad about that? I'm not THAT bad." You laugh. "No," He laughs "we have to do the waltz." He replies and your eyes widen. "The wa- I CAN'T DANCE THAT!" You panic. "I can't ether." Patch laughs. "Let's at least try." You get up and walk over to the dance floor, with Patch following you. Everyone stands across from there partner and gets into there stance. "Uh okay just put your hand here, and I put min there." You try to instruct Patch and watch the people next to you. The music starts and the people start twirling around. You and Patch are the only ones standing there, awkwardly.
  11. You and Patch sway back and forth, totally off tempo. "I think we're the best dancers on the floor." Patch laughs. "I agree." you both continue to dance. Patch dips you backwards so your laying in his arm and hes holding you. Your both laughing, and everyone who is around you is staring. You stand back up. "ah eff this." You start dancing like your in your bedroom all by yourself on a weekend. Everyone stops and starts staring at you. Patch also stops and is laughing, watching you dance. After a minute you realize the music has stopped too. "Oh.. well this is awkward.." you say slowly. "wohoo!" Patch laughs and starts clapping. The others sort of stare and there's scattered clapping. You look around and see Rachel staring at you, amused as if she thought you were embarrassed. She was walking up to you. "Ah great." You say under your breath. "Just ignore her." Patch says. "Well that was interesting. I was happy for a slight second because I thought you were having a seizure." She smiled. "Can't talk right now. I'm busy." You reply. "Doing what? Dancing like a dork?" She laughs. "Nope kissing your future husband." He turn to Patch and pull him in. Full on kissing him in front of everyone.
  12. You kiss Patch for a few more seconds and pull away. You look back over to Rachel, who looks PISSED. You laughed a little. "Sorry, I just have a thing for kissing Patch. He's a better kisser then Jake, that's for sure." You grab Patch and pull him away. "that. was. awesome!" He yells. "Don't get to excited. I wanted to give her hell." You say. "Well you have me heaven." Patch grinned at you. You laughed and rolled your eyes. "Hey I'll be back. I'm going to go get us some drinks." He says and walks off.
  13. You sit there playing with your hands waiting for Patch to come back. It felt as if forever passed by, but then again your super impatient. Your heard the crowd gasp, and a few others scream. You stood up and ran over to where everyone was crowding. You slipped through the people and into the front of the crowd. You saw Jake on top of Patch, who's mouth was bleeding. They were fighting, AGAIN. "Don't you ever tough her again!" Jake yelled.
  14. So who's your number one guy right now?
  15. If he's not one of the other four. Chose the one down here.

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