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  • Holy OMG!!!!! This story just keeps getting better and better!!!! Now I'm torn between Josh and Patch. I've been in love with Josh ever since the begining, but Patch totally seems like the tall dark and handsome guy I've been wanting for so long... and there's also Alex, who is funny and awesome... can I have all 3? :D

  • No way! How could I miss the release of this one D: especially when it was a Patch day and it was soo GOOD! If you couldn't tell already, I loved it ;) keep up the awesome writing ^.^ and I don't know why, but this part made me feel kind of more sympathetic towards Jake even though it was a Patch day O.o I don't know why...

  • Because Jake said previously about having a brother he hates, and seeing how much Jake and Patch clash, it's making me wonder if they're really brothers. That'd be a good story twist >:)

  • I LOVE IT! AS USUAL ! THIS WAS FANTASTIQUE ! Very detailed in fact...I HAVE SOOO much i wanna say bt there's only a few words that i can say. THIS WAS FREAKING AMAZING...HURRY UP WID THE NEX ONE ! =D

  • Patch is soo my favorite X3 Luv this story! and this one rocked, accept for the ending I don't want patch to get hurt ,< Thanx for the story and writing TheRecklessBam!

  • that......was.....A WESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next one and I loved that I beat rachel up and conyinued to give her hell because thats exactly what I would have done anyways as always KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!

  • @Firey_Soul go for it! For more the better? :p


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