the life between magic & boys Pt. 13

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Okay so just in case some of you forgot what the guys look like here are the descriptions. Alex: blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh: black hair and green eyes. Max: light brown hair and light blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler: dark brown hair and hazel-gold eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Re-Cap: You fall asleep on your bed, and end up in one of those dreams that seem so real. Your in a huge house, like an old fashion castle. Its full of antiques an large paintings. You Hear someone and turn around, and see a gorgeous guy. It's Jake.
  2. "Hey ____." He smiles at you, and you feel weak to your knees. "He-hi.." You look down at blush. "Wait.. How do you know my name?" You ask him. "I've had my eyes on you for awhile. Most guys do but I can't blame them. Your gorgeous." His beautiful blue eyes stare right into your soul. You look down and blush again. "Who are you?" You look up slowly. He shows his gorgeous to die for smile. "My name is Jake."
  3. "˜Oh my god. Oh my god. Stay calm.' You say to yourself in your head. "Erm- Uh- Your Jake?" You ask him. "You say that like its a bad thing?" You looks at you with his gorgeous blue orbs. "Well I haven't exactly heard good things about you.." You slowly say, and take a step back. "˜no one mentioned your absolutely gorgeous' you say to yourself. "So I guess you've heard a lot of bad things," His eyes had meaning in them, but you weren't sure what they were trying to say, "I'm not the bad guy... I swear. I just haven't made a lot of good decisions in my past." His gaze goes from you to the floor. "What about Katherine? and turning innocent people into Black Hearts?" You say showing a little anger in your voice. "You don't even know..." He looks at you with a sorry expression. "I want to tell you everything, I do. I'm not going to hurt you, I never would... I don't know what those guys tells you, but I want to tell you my side." His eyes keep a lock on you, which seem to seep down into your heart. "Then tell me." You say, not knowing why the heck you said it. You weren't really as scared as before. Part of you was worried and nervous, and the other part just wanted to know what he had to say.
  4. "I just need you to trust me. Can we meet in person?" He asks you. "Uh- aren't we already in person.." You tell him. "No this is just your dream.." He says. You notice he was sort of a faded color, like a bit transparent. How did he manage to look so good for a translucent figure? "Oh. Then how and where do I meet you? The guys would rip your head off if they found out I even saw you in this dream. A DREAM. Imagine if they knew I was doing this..." You start to hesitate little. "˜What am I doing? This is the guy who wants to.. have *babies* with me. This isn't right' - "˜No. The guys don't tell me what to do. What if there over reacting, like always. This guy needs a chance to speak, I have the right to know his side of the story too, plus he's gorgeous.' You argue with yourself inside your head.
  5. "I have it all covered. Just think about it, you don't have to come.." He stares down at the floor for awhile and looks back up at you. "but I'd like if you went. I just want you to know the truth." He pauses briefly ad grabs your hand. Your heart melts all over the place. His hands are soooooo soft. Even if it is a dream. "Just think about it. If you want to come meet me at the red door by the big staircase at 5, don't go outside though." He warns you, and then you wake up.
  6. "Hey sleeping beauty." Josh jumps on your bed. "Hey." You lean up on your elbows. "Why are you up so early?" You ask. "Because its 8:30 and we have to meet Cedric and 9." He laughs. "Oh yeah. Training." You groan. "Start getting ready." He says standing up. "We'll see how good your training is." Josh winks at you and walks out the door. You lazily get out of your bed. "Ugh. Why do we need to get up so dang early?" You say yourself and walk into the bathroom. You do your hair, face, teeth, etc. and walk out to grab something to change into. What do you wear?:
  7. You change into w/e you choose and walk out into the living room. All the guys were wearing basketball shorts and lose solid colored basketball t-shirts that show off their sides. They all stare at you. "You ready?" Max asks. "Yup. I was born ready." You laugh. "Sure, we'll see how good your moves are later." Alex winks at you and walks to the door. You all follow along, and start the walk to Cedric. You finally reach the captains room. "Over here fellas." You see Cedric standing by the steering machines. "We're going to train in the dance hall. Nobody goes there until late 6 or 7, and it has enough space for us to train." Cedric walks out the door and leads you guys to the dance hall. After about 10 minutes you arrive, and Cedric opens two large wooden designed doors. You walk into a very large, sun filled room, with beautiful decorations and mirrors. "This is where we will be training." Cedric motions to the room, and has set up a couple of training dummies and some weapons.
  8. "You boys are going to help ______ with her training since you all have some experience. and will train with each other. This is how it goes: First, is Josh who is going to teach you how to use a bow & arrow. Second, will be Alex who is going to be helping you with Invisibility. Third, is Max with teleportation. Next will be Calisto practicing with self defense and last Tyler will teach you your new power, you telekinetic, you can move things with your mind." Cedric tells all of you, and you nod. "Sweet, I'm telekinesis! How do you know I have it?" You ask. "I'm a bit old, the sense come slow sometime." Cedric explains. "Oh.." You say. "Lets get started then." Cedric walks over to one station with all the guys but Josh. "You ready to learn how to handle some weapons?" Josh asks you. "Im not sure.." You laugh as you guys walk over to the other end of the large room. You see a rack holding a couple of swords, and other weapons. Josh hands you a large carved wooden bow. "We got you your own personal bow but were giving it to you after you've had some practice" Josh smiles at you. "Well... Don't I feel loved?" You laugh and thank him. "Over here." He walks over to a spot and stops. You see two large circle objects standing about 20 feet away from you. "You know how this works?" Josh asks. "Yeah, totally. I've seen this in a couple of movies." You joke. "Its okay let the pro help you out." Josh laughs and walks to you. "Are you a righty or a lefty?" He asks you. "A ______." You tell him. "Alright. Well first things first, your going to need a lot of strength in that arm. The harder you pull, the faster and further it will go." He says drawing back the bow, showing you. "Are you kidding me? I've got guns." You say flexing your arm. "Right, if thats what you want to go with." He laughs.
  9. "Alright face that way," He stands behind you as you turn to the side. "and stand like this." You feel him put his hands on your hips, that sends a warm chill through your body, and positions you. "Okay, what now?" You ask. "Pull back and put your elbow next to you ear." He walks right behind you, closing the gap between you two, and his arm outline yours. He puts his hand on yours and gently pulls the bow back. "Just like this." He softly whispers in your ear. You feel your face turn warm. Josh takes a step back. "Now your ready to try it out with arrow." You turn and face him and you see him holding out a wooden stick with a metal tip. "Sweet." You say accepting the arrow. You sort of fumble around with it before you get it in its place. You take a few practice shots that sort of land everywhere. "Its okay, your new at this. Just concentrate." You hear Josh say. "Okay, I can do this." You say to yourself. You lift up the bow to your eye level, and concentrate on the target ahead of you. You pull pack your elbow up to your ear, still eyeing the target. You stretch it out as far as you can and then let go, you arm feels a bit sore. You hear a loud thud. "Unbelievable!" Josh laughs throwing up his hands. "Huh?" You look to where he's staring. "OH MY GOSH! I did it! I got a bullseye!" You say feeling proud, not trying to impress or anything. "Good job." Josh comes up and gives you on of those squeezes-you-tight-and-picks-you-up-off-your-feet-and-spins-you-around kind of hug. "Thanks." You say as you puts you back down. "Let's keep trying." Josh says letting you go. The both of you practice for the next half an hour, you make way better shots and are starting to get use to it.
  10. "Hey, hows the bow and arrow working for you?" Alex says walking up to you guys. "Pretty damn awesome." You say showing off your new skill. "Yeah she got a couple of bullseye." Josh smirks. "Nice, you got moves angel." Alex winks at you. "Did you just call me angel?" You ask. "What if I did?" Alex gives you his famous mischievous grin. "Don't call me that." You say giving him a sort of serious, but mostly playful look. "The nickname stays," He gives you his oh so attractive bad boy look. "see you in a few," He starts to walk a couple feet, but stops and turns around. "Angel."
  11. Before you can say anything he's already gone off to the other side of the room. "You did a good job." Josh smiles at you. "Thanks, I did better then I expected." You laugh. "Well now its your turn to go practice with Alex," He gives a sad sort of look. "kick his butt for me." He laughs. "Oh I will, trust me." You give him a troublesome look. "Good." He grins and walks over to Cedric.
  12. "Hey, I'm ready to turn invisible." You walk up to Alex, who is laying on the floor, like a bored puppy. "It seems to be that your on a floor or table 80 perfect of the time." You laugh sticking out your hand to help him. "Hey, It's comfortable." He grins, and reaches out for your hand. But instead of standing up, he pulls you down to the ground. "Ouch!" you say falling on top of him, but you guys are making more of a giant X, then facing each other. "Your pretty clumsy you know?" He smiles and you see trouble written all over. "This is going to be a great hour." You say pushing yourself off of him. "Tell me about it.. ANGEL." He winks at you, "Is anything I say going to make you stop calling me that?" You look at him. "Nope." He laughs back. "Great." You say sarcasticly. "Okay well let's start training now." Alex says. "Thats a great idea." You say stick your tongue out at him. "Alright remember when we first tried this out?' Alex asks you. "Yep. I've got to think crystal clear." You tell him. "So you can do this with out reviewing?" Alex questions. "Yeah, lets try." You say, and Alex nods. "Alright but put this on," He hands you a bright orange vest. "its made so when your invisible, we can still see the vest." He says as you awkwardly put it on. "The more you practice, the faster you'll turn invisible." He says, and you nod back. "˜Okay, think clear.' you say to yourself. After about 30 seconds you hear Alex give you the heads up. "Good job, now keep practicing." He gives you his mischievous smile. "Alex. What are you up to?" You ask him. "Nothing, angel." He winks at you, and then turns invisible.
  13. "Hey! You didn't put on one of those vest things!" You say trying to spot him out. "So?" You hear Alex laugh to your left. "Fine, you want to be like that?" You laugh and take of the vest, and throw it towards his direction. Apparently you hit him because you heard him fall. "Yes, gotcha." You laughed. "Okay, so I didn't think this through." Alex said letting a a slight laugh. He returns into your view, and you do too. "I got outsmarted." Alex says coming up to you. "Don't you always?" You laugh and poke his rib. He lets out a loud laugh. "No way! Your ticklish?" You laugh at Alex. "No I'm not" He laughs a little nervously. "Yes you are. You lier!" You jump towards him and start tickling him, he starts laughing like crazy and falls backwards. "Smooth..." You laugh at him. "Yeah I know, I just have a deep connection with the floor." He jokes. "I would offer to help you up, but I'm afraid I'm going to end up on the floor again." You laugh taking a step back. "Well technically you weren't on the floor. You were on me." He winks at you, and pushes himself up. "Whatever." You laugh and roll your eyes.
  14. "Hey _____." Max comes up. "Oh- didn't see you there." Max jokes to Alex. "Whats up?" Alex responds. "It's time to practice teleportation." Max gives you his cute charming smile. "Alright. Let's go." You smile at him. "See you later, angel." Alex smirks at you, but you continue walking and pretended not to hear that.
  15. "Angel? What's up with that?" Max looks at you and laughs. "Yeah I know," You laugh." apparently its my new nickname. He likes to bother me with it." You continue to walk. "Its suites you well, you do look like an angel." Max gives you his adorable, to die for smile. You feel your face turn warm, and let out a "Thanks." "Alright lets start practicing, you already know how to do it, wait your ready right?" Max asks you. "Yeah, I remember." You say, and then your whole scene with kissing Max start rushing into your head, you blushed once again. "Good, so lets practice. See Josh? Over there?" Max points to the other side of the room, and you can just barely make out Josh. "Yeah, I see him." You say. "Well, let's have some fun and teleport over by him." Max smiles at you. "Okay lets take a few practice runs first." He says. "Alright." You stare a few feet away and imagine yourself there. After a few seconds of concentrating you feel a slight breeze against your face, and images are rushing past you. "Nice." You smile at yourself. "Good job." You hear Max a little further then he was before. "A few more times." He says, but this time he's right next to you. "Lets do this." You give him your game face. After 15 minutes of practicing your teleportation, you finally feel like a pro. "Your a quick learner." Max says to you. "Yeah, I adapt." You laugh. "Alright there's Josh now, let's go get him." Max lets out a cute laugh.
  16. "Okay on a count of three..." Max starts, and you begin to concentrate right in front of Josh. "one.. two.. thr-" You both disappear and appear again in the blink of an eye. "Hi!" You say right in front of Josh who lets out a loud scream, and falls. "HAHAHAHA." Max starts bursting out laughing, and you join after seeing that. "What the-" He looks around to see what just happened. He looks up at you, then looks at Max, and back to you again. You laugh a little. "That was an attractive scream." You laugh a little harder, and Max holds back his laughter by coughing. Josh joins in this time." Okay, so I've got to admit you caught me off guard." He says in between short laughs. "Yeah, it was all Max's idea." You stick your tongue out at them. Max helps Josh back up. "Oh was it now?" Josh stares at Max in a joking manner. "Hey, just trying to keep things interesting." Max say putting his hands in the air as if he were innocent. You both laugh. "Alright well were going to go keep practicing for the remaining time." Max tells Josh. "She's getting really good." He adds in before disappearing. "I see that." Josh gives you a cute side smirk. "See ya later.." You say grinning. "I won't be forgetting that scream any time soon." You joke and teleport to Max before he can respond. "That was fun." You laugh. "Tell me about it." Max laughs a little. You and Max go through the teleportation process for a bit, and then Calisto came up to you.
  17. "Hey guys." He smiles at you, showing his beautiful white pearls, that show off his smooth lips. "Hey." You return the smile. "Ready to go learn some self defense?" Calisto says as he lets out a cheesy-but-cute ninja move that makes you laugh. "Totally." You say as you show off your own cheesy move, which makes the guys laugh. "See you later Max." You say as you walk off with Calisto.
  18. "So hows your day been going?" He asks you. "Pretty awesome. I'm such a master at these things." You say laughing. "How's your day?" You return the question. "It was boring, but your here, so its pretty amazing now." He looks down at you with his gorgeous blue eyes, and your face begins to feel warm. "Lets start." He says going over and grabbing some gloves. "We're.. boxing?" You ask. "Not necessarily, were just practicing a few shots, and learning better blocking because your using a bow & arrow." He says handing you two black leathery gloves. You slid them onto each hand, and make sure there on tightly. "Sounds decent." You joke. "Alright well do you know anything to do with self defense?" He asks you. "Yeah, Josh taught me some rules one time," The memory of you two in the front yard replayed in your head. "and I use to take kickboxing." You tell him. Suddenly you remember your family, which makes you feel a bit home sick. They know your at a boarding school, but what a big lie that is. "Kickboxing?"He raises an eyebrow. "Impressive." He smiles at you. "Alright well lets start with the standing position and punching. He helps you stand in the correct position and walks in front of you. "Start punching." He holds a leathery, black cushion in front of you. "Uh- okay." You start throwing a few punches. "You have some strong punches." Calisto laughs taking a few steps back. "I told you." You stick your tongue out at him. "Okay so now your going to do the same thing, but every once in awhile I"˜m going to try to hit the side of your arms, but your job is to try and block them." He explains to you. "Got it." You say, and you begin throwing your arms out. Every couple of 30 seconds Calisto would throw out his arm, and you'd block it. Each time the shots would become faster, and quicker. You eventually got tired so you guys took a break. "You did good." Calisto says. "Thanks." You reply a little breathless. "Since your using a bow & arrow you can't really use anything to block, like a shield, so I'm going to teach you how to block with your bow." He says walking over to the other side of the room. "No, I'll go get the bow, It'll be faster." You stop him and go teleport to the other side of the room by Alex. "Hey, where's my bow?" You ask him. "Over there on the rack." He points to a pole, where your bow is dangling from. "Thanks." You walk over and grab it. "Bye ange-" You teleport back before he can finish the sentence.
  19. "Hey, I got it." You come back holding the bow. "Nice." He smiles in amusement. "Okay so when your shooting the arrow, you typically stand like this." He walks around you and shows you how, his arms around yours. "but when your not you block like this." He puts one of his hands on your waist and the other on your elbow to show you how to block. "Got it?" He asks stepping back. "Yeah, I think so." You let out a a short sigh. You begin to hold the bow, the way he showed you. "So now I'm going to pretend to come up and attack you, and your going to block me." He instructs, and you nod. "Alright." He starts coming up and he has a weapon, well.. a fake one. He came up and was pretending to hit you with the rubber axe... you blocked it, trying not to laugh. "Okay I can't take this seriously with that rubber axe." You start laughing. "Hey, its pretty awesome." He jokes. "Here I'll use the sword." He says picking it up. "Okay now I can definitely take you seriously." You joke a little nervous. What if he accidentally hit you or something. "Don't worry, I would never hurt you." He says. You feel a little less nervous. "Okay lets try again." He starts walking towards you and slowly brings it towards you so you have the time to adjust and block the weapon. You continue to go back and forth. Each time the fight is becoming more real, and intense. You begin to feel more comfortable with the positions and the blocking. Next thing you know time flew by. It's Time for Tyler.
  20. "Hey, you ready to learn your new power?" He says coming up to the both of you. "Yeah, I'm just a bit excited." You laugh. "Good, bring your bow with, your going to need it." He says. "Bye ____." Calisto calls out and you give him a small wave. You go ahead and continue following Tyler to the corner on the other side of the room. "So, telekinesis is pretty easy," He says. "all you have to do in concentrate on what you want to move and then boom, your controlling its every move." He smiles at you. "Nice." You laugh. "Okay so the reason you need your bow is because your going to be using your telekinesis to lift the target in the air, and shoot them. You could use it on a bad guy sometime." He jokes. "Well this is going to be fun." You laugh. "Okay so when you concentrate on the target, you'll feel a connection with it and will be able to control it." He explains. "Awesome, I can use it on Alex as a joke." You say to yourself. "OKay so lets start, concentrate on one of the targets, I'll do the one on the right." He says. You stare at the target, but lose concentration when you see the one the right float up a couple feet. "Im use to this, and it doesn't take very much time to learn." He says to you. "˜Relax, and concentrate' you say and continue to concentrate on the target. After a few brief seconds, you feel a cool feeling go through your body. "˜the connection' you think to yourself. The object begins to float as well. "Yes I did it!" You say and concentrate on putting it back down on the ground. "Good job." Tyler says giving you a victory hug.
  21. You both lift the targets up at the same time. "On your mark.." You both pull your bows back. "get set.." your hands start to feel clammy. "GO!" He yells and you both let go at the same time. The arrows whiz across the room. His arrow makes it, but yours misses and hits only a few inches over. You curse under your breath. "˜next time' you thin to yourself. You pull another arrow out and aim it. It soars in the air and lands perfectly in the middle. "Yes!" You yell and look over the his target. He already has two bullseye. "Oh crap..." You rapidly pull out another one and set up. "˜Line it up..' you whisper to yourself trying to concentrate. "I won." Tyler says and put the target down. You look over and see that his target has three sticks pointing out from the smack dab middle. "Oh.. I went easy on you.." You joke. "Whats the winners prize?" You ask. "A kiss." He looks over at you and you stare at his shiny hazel-golden eyes. "Hey guys. Your dad says we have to get out of here cuz there setting up for the party later." Max comes up to you guys. "Alright, lets go." Tyler says. You guys start walking out the door and the guys are carrying out the equipment. "Oh wait guys, I forgot the bow." You tell them. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get it." You say and they nod. You turn back down the hallway and walk into the rom. "Where did I put the- oh my god." You look around for the bow but instead of finding the bow you see a guy standing there, holding your practice swords

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