the jonas brothers

Only take his quiz if you think you are a true jonas brothers fan and really find out if you are and arent if your now I DONT LIKE YOU!! just kidding or am i?

are you a jonas brother lover if you are you rock if you not then well you are a.... never mind just become one ok. THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE THE BEST EVER.

Created by: chelsie

  1. What song is this from "when I hold you in my arms i catch a glimps of heaven"
  2. What is there younger brothers name
  3. What is Nicks favorite color?
  4. How old was nick when him and his brothers started the band The Jonas Brothers
  5. When was Kevin Jonas Born?
  6. What year was their younger brothers born?
  7. What state do they live in now?
  8. At what date did there first album come out?
  9. What is the name of the new Disney Channel movie they are going to be in, in 2008
  10. Which of the following isnt a jonas brother song?

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