The Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Quiz!!

There are some people that might not know what this show is, but I sure thought it was awesome. This was a show about a boy that... I think... started the series as 11. However, he's like 100 times smarter than anyone in his town. Find out how much you know!

Are you ready to find out how much you know about Jimmy Neutron!? Hey, did you notice that the names of everything are rather scientific? Cindy VORTEX. Jimmy NEUTRON. Libby FOLFAX. I'm not sure what Folfax means, but I'm sure it's scientific...

Created by: Musicgirljones

  1. Jimmy Neutron has two best friends: What are their names?
  2. What's Jimmy's dad's name?
  3. Who does Jimmy secretly have a crush on?
  4. What's Jimmy's dog's name?
  5. What is the name of the soda they drink?
  6. What is the name of the town they live in?
  7. For the first while of the series, Libby (Cindy's best friend) wears her hair up in a pony tail. After one episode, her hair changes, and is kept like that the rest of the series. Her hair is...
  8. Where does Jimmy's little brother, Brobot, live?
  9. In what year did the TV show start?
  10. How many seasons were there?

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