The Invasion Survival Test

521 in 1000 people are under the flag of a cruel dictatorship. 498 in those 521 want a better life. 211 in those 498 will do anything to accomplish it. 71 in those 211 will join a rebel group. 1 in those 71 will be a leader. Are you the leader?

revolutionary (n): 1. someone who liberates people 2. (adj) a massive turn in civilization 3. somewhone who has taken The Revolutionary Test See whether you can change lives as a leader, a soldier or a suck up.

Created by: Harry Miste

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  1. You open up your morning newspaper and find out your city/country/town has been taken over! What do you do?
  2. With a few people, you begin discussing the situation. What do you talk about?
  3. You decide to begin a rebel group. What is the first thing you do?
  4. A fellow rebel reports back of a goverment official important in the dictator's regime. What are you planning?
  5. Another militia is operating near your area. What do you do?
  6. The area you operate in is too risky. Where to?
  7. You have learnt of a spy in your ranks! What will you do?
  8. The crime rate and poverty is up since this change in goverment. What should you do?
  9. The leader of the goverment is coming. What will you do?
  10. You finally liberate the area! What do you say to the people?

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