The impossible quiz!

Are you a genious? Come and take my quiz on! It is quick and hard! Please do not lie on the answers! Nobody likes a cheater! Be truthfull! Trust me. Pay attention to my typing lang, it MIGHT give answer hints!!

Why are you still reading this part for anyway? Go take my quiz on! It is hard and trust me when I IT IS HARD! PLEASE NO CHEATING! Love: Cassady ;D !Kiss Kiss!

Created by: Say wha

  1. Ffdfujdsscg?
  2. Hubbbble Bubble!
  3. Maxium.
  4. Peacock!?
  5. Bread and ______? (Fill in the blanks.)
  6. Somebody once told me the wolrd was _________?
  7. Shfgmm,,, ? = ?-?
  8. Zzzzzz. =
  9. Choose the right answer.
  10. These are my children; Fred-Bob, Billy-Bob and ___?
  11. Curious ______?
  12. dumbgirl___
  13. 1 percent ?
  14. ffttgffbadv huet78;;íóí´í´í¶éú 홢£

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