Old Avril Lavigne or New? Which are you?

Old Avril or New Avril? They are both awesome, but ever wonder which is most like you? You're about to find out! If you ever see the word, "Wild Card" In any of my quizzes, click on it and it will randomize your answer!

From the Sara that made How crazy are you quiz, Impossible Quiz, Which of Avril Lavigne's songs are you, and Impossible Quiz 2: Revamped. Now comes: Old Avril or New Avril? Which are you?

Created by: Saratheamaze

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok first off. I'm sorry the pictures in the results are so crappy. And hello! This is the same Sara that made: How crazy are you? Impossible quiz, Impossible Quiz 2: Revamped and the Which of Avril Lavigne's songs are you? Good?
  2. Onto the quiz! Would your friends look down on some of your actions? (Be honest)
  3. What type of music do you listen to? (I have no idea why you would lie on this one..)
  4. Favorite animal? (of the listed. I don't expect anyone would lie on this one..)
  5. Friends would describe your style as ______.
  6. LEAST favorite color?
  7. Pet peeve?
  8. Hot or cold?
  9. Which planet? (I'm running out of questions..sorry!)
  10. Do you like scissors?
  11. Last question. I'm not going to force you to rate and comment, either. So here it is: Favorite season?

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Quiz topic: Old Avril Lavigne or New? Which am I?