Are you a big Avril Fan?

Avril Lavigne was raised in Belleview, ontario Canada. How do I know that? Because I'm an Avrilfan. What is an Avrilfan? Well, an Avrilfan is a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Avril Lavigne.

Are you an Avrilfan? Do you know Avril Lavigne as much as me? Doubt it! JK! The first full-proof Avrilfan quiz is here.To Answer the questions that were above you got to answer the questions below.

Created by: Tara

  1. How many copies of her CD's have been sold worldwide?
  2. What did her father named her after.
  3. What singer did she beat in a sing-off in 1998?
  4. How many movie/shows did she star in?
  5. What is the name of her perfume?
  6. How did she celibrate her 24th birthday?
  7. Here's an easy one! What is the name of her clothing line?
  8. Ok a little harder. Where did she get that name in question 7?
  9. Was Avril Lavigne in Maxim magasine or te Rolling Stone?
  10. Did Avril Lavigne perform Feul by Metalica and Basket Case by Green Day in her Let Go Tour or Under my skin tour?

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Quiz topic: Am I a big Avril Fan?