How well do you know Avril?

This quiz is for fans of Avril Lavigne to test their knowledge as to how well they think they actually know her. Have you got what it takes or will you fall short?

Could you be a total Avril freak? Do you reckon you can answer all the questions correctly. Why not spend a few minutes on this quiz and find out if you are The best damn thing!!!

Created by: Paul Bottomley

  1. Where was Avril born?
  2. How old was Avril when she was first signed by Arista?
  3. Which Avril song broke Madonna's record on the contemporary hit radio chart for most airplay?
  4. When & where did Avril celebrate her 21st Birthday?
  5. What star sign is Avril?
  6. Name Avrils brother & sister?
  7. When did Avril & Deryck marry?
  8. Avril won a competition to sing on stage with which artist?
  9. What was the name of Avrils first tour?
  10. Where was Avril first discovered?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Avril?