How well do you know Avril Lavigne?

Who is Avril lavigne? What is her favourite colour, and who did she marry? These are the questions people want to answer and be scored from.Take the quiz and test YOUR knowledge on the the world's (okay, MY) most favourite singer.

Are you nutty about Avril? Or are you less in the know than a squirrel (lol)? Taking this quiz will reveal exactly how much you know about Avril. So take the quiz and ALL will be revealed.

Created by: Charlotte

  1. Who did Avril marry, and in what year?
  2. What are the names of her 3 most famous albums?
  3. Is Avril a Veggie? (Doesn't eat meat)
  4. What is Avril's favourite colour?
  5. Is Avril Pregnant?
  6. Where was Avril born?
  7. What year was Avril born?
  8. When is Avril's birthday?
  9. What's Avril's logo?
  10. What's Avril's middle name?
  11. What's Avril's clothing line called?
  12. What is Avril's most popular song?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Avril Lavigne?