The idiot meter 2

Hey guys, its Nicholas Gao here with my sequel of the popular "The idiot quiz". I hope you guys like it. Please read every description, because it does contain some information about the quiz. Just kidding. I don't really want to write description.

Bla. OK, I really don't want to write description. If this quiz offended you in any way, like my las "The idiot meter" quiz did (though some people did like it, and it was pretty popular. It got into the top quizzess list.) I apologize.

Created by: Ray Gao

  1. Hey guys, the idiot meter is back. This is a sequel to the VERY popular idiot meter quiz I made.
  2. So, the questions....
  3. Those had no effect (including this one)
  4. If someone asked you a question, do you usually answer it correctly?
  5. Do you think your an idiot?
  6. What are your grades usually like?
  7. How long is school to you?
  8. Do you like to learn?
  9. Do teachers think your stupid?
  10. What is 1 times 1?
  11. Comment please

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