The Love-Meter Quiz

Does that guy your crushing on like you? Or is that annoying idiot head over heels for you? Find out with this quiz! You might get pretty good results!

This quiz tests you on things like if he ever compliments you or other subtle signs that he likes you. He could be your future boyfriend so just find out here!

Created by: AthenaRox101
  1. Does he try to make you laugh?
  2. Has he asked you strange questions like: Do you think I'm weird or Do you think I'm sexy?
  3. You go on the bus with some cool origami things. How does he react?
  4. Does he just randomly talk to you or say hi sometimes?
  5. Has he ever purposely sat next to you?
  6. You just lose a spelling bee after you were sooo close. How does he react?
  7. Is he weird around you a lot?
  8. Has he ever congratulated you?
  9. Just to know (if you say no it won't hurt your score) is he already dating you?
  10. Do you like him? (i know this is obvious but there's this annoying guy who likes me so yah...)

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