The idiot meter

Are you an idiot? If you are, YOU ARE STUPID! But if you're not, then you're pretty normal. Just please don't score a bad one, like an idiot. Don't be an idiot!

Don't be stupid! Because if you are, then you have to improve! I hope you all do get a good score, because, if you don't, depend on being an idiots for life!

Created by: Ray Gao
  1. What is 1+1?
  2. Do you have mental problems?
  3. Do people call you stupid?
  4. Do you go to school?
  5. What is your environment like?
  6. Are you broke?
  7. Have to ever banged your head really hard?
  8. Do you sometimes act like a crazy person?
  9. 4 more questions!
  10. Are you a psycho?
  11. I forgot my question...
  12. Ready?

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