The "I love Gabby" Quiz

People love people. But there is no love like Gabby love. Its life altering and awakening. You senses will become 10x stronger once you love the GABBY. She is amazing and funny and cute and just ultra GABBYLICIOUS.

Are you a gabby lover! Take this here quiz and test your emotions! You wont be sorry, its the fastest and safest test in the world and this will make Gabby very happy.

Created by: Leslie
  1. How cool is Gabby?
  2. what do you think of Gabbys eyes?
  3. what do you think about gabbys clothes?
  4. would you win if you entered the "I love Gabby" contest?
  5. someone tells you, Gabby is dead, what do you do?
  6. How many times do you think of Gabby a day?
  7. Are gabbys toes the answer to everyones prayers.
  8. Gabbys pubic like curls are very amazing, dont you think?
  9. What is gabbys best feature?
  10. Have you ever used the word Gabbylicious.

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