The Hunters (part 2)

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Hey, y'all! :) it's me again. Here to bring you the second chapter of my story. I really appreciated Blamber and ange for commenting on chapter one, and everyone else for taking it like DaughterofApollo, GoddessA, and Miss Direction.

In this chapter, there is-what I believe to be-a lot of action. But I will let you all, the readers, to decide that. With that being said, I hope you like this chapter to comment on it. Thank you.

Created by: MysticChick

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  1. Before I knew it, lunch came, and I sat at my usual table: by myself in the back left corner of the cafeteria, so I could see everything happening. And then something unusual happened. Chloe and her gang came and sat at my table. Her gang consisted of Abbey,-a tall, long legged rich girl with pin straight blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and she always bragged about her athletic accomplishments, and saying that she has never been beaten in a fight- Stella,-a short, black haired girl with hazel eyes, and she seemed to always wear heels too high for her to walk in- and Lila-a long red haired girl with ice blue eyes, and she had a way of twisting words to make people feel beneath her. "Hey, Mckenzie." Chloe smiled and her and her gang sat down at my table. I stared at her, and I had to remind myself to stay in character. "You know, when someone says hello, you're suppose to say hello back." Lila told me. I don't why I said this, but I did. And if I kept my mouth shut, then things might've gone a lot smoother.
  2. "But she didn't say 'hello', now did she?" I smiled at her, which made that smug look on her face disappear. "Ouch. Chill, darling. We just came here to talk." Chloe said. "About what?" I asked. "I don't think you understood my message this morning. When I said don't talk to Oliver, I meant even for school work." She told me. "Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it if I don't listen?" I dared her. "You don't want to cross lines with me. I know people that can make your life miserable, orphan." She spat at me. Anger bubbled inside me, and so did a little confusion because only Kyle knew about me not having parents. "Oh, we know. We know that your parents were killed when you were just a little girl." Stella said. "And how you've been going from home to home because no one wants you. You can't blame them though. Who would want something like you?" Abbey chimed in. "If you were smart, you'd walk away now." I said, my voice deadly calm, and that's when I saw Kyle walking towards us. "I think we found our leverage, ladies. Every nerd has a secret no one wants to know. And this one is that she's an orphan. A poor lonely orphan that no one wants." Chloe smiled, and something inside of me snapped. I grabbed my lunch tray and hit Chloe's head hard, while standing up. That made Stella scream, which got everyone's attention, so I naturally kicked the side of her head, making her pass out.
  3. Abbey charged me and tried to punch my face, but I easily dodged it, grabbed her arm, and flipped her on her back. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Kyle trying to shove past the crowd of people. Lila ran at me screaming, which was unnecessary. I moved out of the way, grabbed her hair, and threw her on top of Abbey. When I turned around, Chloe was standing up. "You're so gonna get it. I will make your life miserable, orphan!" She yelled at me, and dead silence went throughout the cafeteria. "I would like to see you try. You don't know what I'm capable of." I said, clenching my fists, and wanting to badly smash her head in the side of the wall. "Well, I didn't expect that from a nerd." I heard Abbey say. I whipped around and saw her standing up again. She took a step towards me. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Stay where you are." I warned her. She smirked and then I felt a sharp prick on my right shoulder. I looked towards it and saw a white plastic fork sticking out of me. I yanked it out, and saw my blood on the tips. I spun on my heel and saw Chloe standing there, looking quite satisfied. I punched her as hard as I could with my left arm, which made her fall down. Anger blurred my vision as I kept lifting her up by her shirt and punching her face, which made the back of her head keep on hitting the hard floor. I heard screaming, but it seemed distant, and I was aware of someone trying to pull me away, but I couldn't control myself, and I kept going. Finally, someone stronger than me grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my trance.
  4. "What are you doing?!" I heard Kyle whisper at me, but I couldn't take my eyes off of Chloe. She was unconscious, I knew that from the second time I punched her, but I still didn't stop there. There was a small pool of blood around her head and my fake glasses were floating in it. Her face was covered in blood, but I could still see the bruises forming, and her nose was obviously broken. "I-I don't know." I admitted, forcing my eyes to meet his. I've never done something like this before. Ever. "Why the hell would you do something like this?" He hissed at me, and I was now aware that he had me pinned against a wall. His left forearm was pressed against my neck and his right hand was pushing on my stomach, preventing me from escaping, and I could see the anger in his eyes. "I don't know!" I hissed back, "It just happened." "It just happened? Are you kidding me? You might've killed Chloe, and your excuse is that it 'just happened'?" I've never seen so much anger in his eyes than I have now. "No. That's not my excuse." I protested. "Then what is it?" He asked, pressing harder against my neck.
  5. Before I could respond, whispers rippled across the crowd of students, and I heard multiple footsteps rushing towards us. "What is the meaning of all this?" The low and loud voice of the school principle-Mr. Doyle-said. "Mckenzie went psycho!" Lila yelled. "Someone go get the nurse." Mrs. John-a math teacher-commanded. Footsteps rushed away. "Chloe, can you hear me?" Abbey asked and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her shaking Chloe's shoulder. "Don't touch her!" I heard the nurse call from the other side of the cafeteria. Ten seconds of absolute silence went throughout the whole room. "She's alive." The nurse announced and Kyle eased up on his grip just a little, but the anger in his eyes remained the same. "Someone call 911." One of the teachers said. "Let go of her, Mr. Stanley." The principle said, and Kyle gave me a small shove against the wall before taking his hands off of my neck and stomach. "Come with me to my office." Mr. Doyle commanded and when I didn't move, he grabbed my arm, and pulled me to his office.
  6. When we reached it, he told me to sit down, so I sat on an uncomfortable red leather chair. "I won't waste your time, so I'll just tell you: you're suspended from school for two weeks, and you'll need your parents to sign a paper, so the school knows that your parents know." He said, and then handed me a sheet of paper. I stayed silent. "Also, you should be prepared for police to show up to your house and question you for what you have done today. You might have to go to court and you could be charged with assault. And you should get your hand checked out." He told me and I looked down at my hand, just now noticing that my knuckles were bleeding and bruised. "Now go home. We'll send someone to bring your stuff at the end of the school hours, and I want that paper by tomorrow morning." He pointed at the paper that he handed me.
  7. I silently got up and walked out of his office, making a beeline for the front door. The cool autumn air chilled my lungs as I walked out of the school, and I continued to walk in a straight line until I reached the woods. I saw the familiar marks on trees that led me to the bunker Kyle and I found. I moved the fallen leaves from the hatch and opened it. Shutting the door behind me, I climbed down the ladder until I reached the concrete floor. I flipped the light switch, and saw the room exactly how it was the last time I left it. Crossbows and arrows hung along the back wall, swords, daggers, and knives were on the left wall, and guns and ammo were on the right wall. A door that led to the medical-and any other extra supplies-was under the guns, and the bathroom door was under the crossbows. There were punching bags hanging in the middle of room, and all sorts of dummies piled up in the corner of where the crossbows and swords walls met. Also, there were bars hanging from the ceiling. I walked over to the supply room and changed into black running shorts and a black sports bra. I re-tied my hair into a ponytail, and then wrapped my left hand with bandages.
  8. When I walked back out of the supply room, I was surprised to find Wyatt-the quarter back of our football team-standing there. "This is a nice place you got here, Skylar." He said while looking around. "My name's Mckenzie." I said, which made him smirk. "You and I both know that it's not." He took a step towards me. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Chloe sent me. She wanted my kind to torture you." He informed me and took another step. "Your kind?" I said. He smiled and then his teeth became sharp and razor like-vampire's teeth. They changed back to normal. "Now don't worry, I'm not here to kill you... yet. I'm just here as a warning. I'm suppose to hurt you like you did to her, but you'll get it a lot worse." Wyatt informed me and I grabbed a gun from the wall and shot him. I knew it wouldn't kill him, but I needed to get to the swords, so I could cut his head off, which he was blocking me from. He stumbled backwards and I sprinted towards the swords. As I was reaching for one, I was thrown to the back of the wall, making some crossbows fall to the ground. Cold hands wrapped around my neck, and I felt myself flying through the air before crashing into the wall with the guns, and blacking out.
  9. And that is where I shall leave it at.
  10. Please tell me what you thought. Thank you.

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