The Hunger Games: Part Four

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Hey guys! The Hunger Games: Part Four is also written in Gale Hawthorne's narration instead of Katniss'. When Peeta has to leave Katniss behind to die, well, It isn't pretty. A special shoutout to natuhleegale and MrsMellark for always being there from the start!!

When Larissa and Gale betray each other and Gale ends up killing Larissa, Gale feels bad. He tries to find Katniss again but finds a note in her bag, will that one note change the way Gale feels about Katniss? Will District 12 finally be victorious? Find out today!

Created by: IcyDesignns of this site
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  1. (Just like Part Three, this Part is also written in Gale Hawthorne's narration!!) I continue trying to find Katniss. I'm scared as hell. "Kat! Kat where are you?" I yell. "Over here, Gale I-" Katniss began, but stopped mid-sentence. "What, you what!" *Silence* "Katniss...." I whisper. I drop to the ground, laying in my own tears. The next thing I knew, I woke up in a tree, Larissa in my face, blood dripping down her forehead. "Woaa..." I say, terrified. "Shut-up, let's go." "Go where?" "To Fallen Angel, of course." "Wait-" "WHAT!!" "Where's Katniss?" "That's what I'm trying to show you, c'mon." "Ok.." So I follow Larissa to the Fallen Angel waterfall, "Over there!" Larissa yells, pointing at a cave. We take the perimeter, and go into it. I see Katniss laying down on a foot-high pile of leaves.
  2. "Katniss!" I yell, running towards her. "Gale..." She whispers, trying to reach her arm out to me. "Are you ok? What happened back there?" "I'm not sure, some wild animal or something." "What did it do?" She lifts up what used to be her left arm, but now it's just torn up flesh about to rip of her shoulder. I cover my mouth, what kind of disgusting creature would do that!? "Well, everything will be ok. What's in you're backpack?" "Ummm. A Coke, a Kaleiro jar, a few arrows, and goggles." "Only 4?" "No, I used the rope. And when I was done, It ripped." "So what's Kaleiro?" "I don't know." "Well let's find out." I take the jar out of her backpack and rub some on Karniss torn-up arm. "Do you feel any different? Stronger, perhaps?" I ask. "No, I don't feel anything." Answers Katniss. "She'll die." Mumbles Larissa, hoping no one heard her. "WHAT!?" Katniss yells, apparently Kat DID hear her. "Look around you Katniss, you're laying in a pool of blood. YOU'RE blood. It's hard to say this, but it's part of the Games, Kat." Says Larissa. "But Larissa, we have to do something! We have hope, we have hope..." I cry. "No, Gale. She's right, just go. Go and try to win the Games." Murmered Katniss. "But-" "No, Gale. Katniss said let's go. Just...c'mon." "Ok..." So me and Larissa walk off, leaving my love there to die.
  3. I can't believe this, I'm letting my true love die on broad television. It's so agonizing. But I'm not going to let Katniss down, District 12 WILL be victorious! District 12 may be the poorest, but we are worth something. I'm tired of us always losing. I will win, For Katniss, for District 12, for me. "What now?" I ask Larissa. "We find the tributes from the other districts and kill them, that's what's next." "What if there already dead." We stop walking and we stare at each other. She lashes her foot out and compressed it against my chest, braking my ribs. I hear them crackling, but I don't give up. Though there's bones sticking out of my flesh, I stand up and grab my knife from my back pocket. "You leave me to do this." I murmur. I charge towards Larissa and jab it into her eye; hard. She drops to the ground, so do I. We both lay in a pool of blood, this is it for me. I imagine I'm the last of standing, but it's almost done for me. I will soon join Katniss in heaven in a matter of minutes.
  4. Wait, the Kaleiro jar. Kaleiro is greek for "Last man healing". I never understood what it ment, but I'm guessing that's what it means. And guess what? I'm the last man, AND I NEED HEALING!! I go back to Fallen Angel waterfall and when I get back into that cave, Katniss isn't there. But her bag is, with a note inside. It read, "Dear Gale, If you're reading this, I just want you to know I love you too. But only of of us can live, and District 12 has to be the victor. I left my bag here for you, I had a feeling you'd need it. - With much love, Katniss."
  5. I go through her bag and grab the Kaleiro jar. I rub it all over my chest and it instantly heals. I guess I am the last man standing. That means Katniss is gone, dead. Forever. Night and day go by, at least 10 times. I stand up and look at the sky and yell, "Ok! I'm the last one, I'm the victor tribute! Take me home, please.." I drop to my knees and pray. Pray that I'll see Katniss in heaven, pray that Prim and her mom won't starve, and finally, pray that District 12 won't be the laughingstock. "Please help me." I mumble. "Ok, I will." A voice says. "God! Is that you?" "No, stupid. It's the Gamemakers. "s---!! What do you want!" "I want to give you help, only because watching you do nothing is agonizing." "Ok.....?" I sit on a rock at put my hand on my chin and..
  6. Sorry, but this is over. And the LAST ever book will be Part Five, which is a big surprise!!
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  9. After The Hunger Games: Part Five I am making a series called "Bad Girls" or "New Girl" I don't know which one to call it. But it is going to be about a girl who is new at a school and she is nice and stuff but later becomes friends with a girl who is in the "bad girl" club. So she want to join, but joining could meen leaving her other friend who isn't bad and popular, AND leaving a guy she really likes. It's basically a drama story. Should I make It?
  10. If you don't like my idea for my next story then PLEASE post ideas. I'm also doing try outs soon for my new story if you want to be in it, so stay tunned for that also. If you need me, im on GotoQuiz.Com 24/7 so just say "IcyDesignns i need to talk to you!" in the Offbeat forums, I only go to Offbeat sooo...! I always keep up to date there, byee!

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