the how well do you know john quiz

it is a privalige that you even know me at all but how well do you know me? lets mind out by taking this quiz. there are thirty questions i this quiz about me. some are simple and some are very deep. do you have what it takes to be a best friend or do i even know you?

the scoring is simple. if you get it right then you get good points if you get it wrong you get bad friend points. there are five possible groups that you could end up in. best friends, close friends, friend, aquaintence, or i dont even know you. lets see where you fall in my friendship scale.

Created by: john

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  1. what color are my eyes
  2. what play was i in during high school
  3. what part did i play
  4. how did i get my scar on my chin
  5. when i was 5 i had an accident resulting i a hole in my front tooth what happened
  6. how old was i when i became a man
  7. what is my favorite musical
  8. what is my favorite type of music
  9. i have differnet nicknames everywhere i got what is my nickname with my family
  10. what is my military nickname
  11. what is my boyfriends nickname for me
  12. what is my biggest fear in life
  13. what do i want to achieve in my life
  14. what is my favorite store
  15. what is my favorite song from the musical rent
  16. if i were a superhero what super power would i have
  17. how many years did i play baseball
  18. who do i look like in my family
  19. how many siblings do i have including step siblings
  20. why did me and my friend jamie not speack for almost two months
  21. what do i order at luigis
  22. what is my drink of choice
  23. what is my biggest regret in life
  24. which of the following is one of my goals in life
  25. if i could bring back anyone from the dead who would it be
  26. what is the majority of my heritage
  27. how tall am i
  28. what do i do in the airforce
  29. what kind of cigarettes do i smoke
  30. wmhat is my favorite sports team
  31. who dd i come out to first
  32. if i could do one thing forever what would it be
  33. what nis my military rank
  34. what medical fact did i lie about when i was younger
  35. what was i voted in high school
  36. what is my favorite color
  37. why do wear a hat
  38. how many tatoos d i have

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