John and Kenny's Little Myspace Quiz

There are pub quizzes and then there is John and Kenny's Big Pub Quiz. This is a taster of what you may encounter but as tasters go it is just a tiny pea on the plate of a giant portion of fish, chips and peas.

Basically John and Kenny's Big Pub Quiz is more fun than this little quiz but it may give you an idea of what we are all about. Actually it won't but we wanted a mini quiz on our website.

Created by: Kenny of John and Kenny's Big Pub Quiz
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  1. Sand consists of silicon and what other element?
  2. In what year was the hot air balloon invented?
  3. By what name is singer Pauline Matthews better known?
  4. My Lovely Horse was Ireland's Eurosong entry in which TV series?
  5. How is the double act of David Peacock and Charles Hodges better known?
  6. What colour is the cross on the flag of Greece?
  7. What is the longest river in Scotland?
  8. What novel has the subtitle `The Modern Prometheus`?
  9. Which rugby super league team have the nickname `Wolves`?
  10. In what year did ITV start broadcasting?

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