The HIV/AIDS Quiz Test

AIDS is a very serious topic, many people die from the disease because they didn't know what could happen if they didn't take precautions. Lets see if you are aware of this virus, take the quiz to find out

Do you know about this serious topic? Before you take this quiz you could only wonder. After, who knows, maybe you need to go back to school or maybe you are prepared.

Created by: mike

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  1. About how many people have died from the AIDS disease?
  2. What does AIDS stand for?
  3. Is there a cure for AIDS
  4. If you acquire the HIV virus do you automatically get AIDS?
  5. Does the term HIV and AIDS both mean the same thing?
  6. True or False, you can get the HIV virus if you get bit by a mosquito
  7. Can animals carry the HIV virus?
  8. Can you tell if a person has AIDS, by just looking at them?
  9. True or False. You will always get AIDS if you have HIV.
  10. Can you get the HIV virus by shaking someone's hand?

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