The Guardian: Part 6

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Hey guys! Part six is here! Lemme just say, this is going to lead up to some CRAZY stuff, so be prepared! This is actually kinda exciting for me, coming up with all of this while eating cheerios this morning.

So, first, I'd like to thank Weirdhead for suggesting I find Amanda and Maddie some NICE guys to date, and I'd also like to thank her and Ericat for reading These! It means a lot to me.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. He continued to kiss me, his kisses soft and sweet, hot and drawn out, perfect. I gently looped my arms around his neck, smiling as he put his arms around my waist, allowing his hands to occasionally brush my upper thigh. "Angelica, thou art more beautiful than any other living creature. Thou art the only Guardian for me." he whispered through kisses, making me blush wildly.
  2. " I don't know what to say, Grayson. Apart of me feels excited, like this is all I've ever wanted.... But, the other part is so confused... So scared to lose hold of everything I've gained." I sighed, smiling as he gently took hold of my hands, looking down at me with a warm smile. "Angelica, you have nothing to fear. No matter what, I will love thee with all of my heart. Thou art most intriguing, my love." he whispered back, making me blush harder. This was so sweet, so special, so...
  3. " Angelica! Angelica!" a shrill voice sang out, scaring me to death. Amanda. "What is it, Amanda?" I asked with a sigh, quickly pulling away from Grayson with a blush. "You won't believe this!" she cried out, running over to me with the biggest smile I'd ever seen. "What!?" I asked, laughing as she bounced about happily, pulling us both into tight hugs." Me and Maddie just met the greatest guys.... Ever!" she gushed, blushing a million shades of red as Grayson gave a small laugh. "That's great! Just make sure to keep them away from me. I'm a curse." I frowned, giving her a small hug.
  4. "Angelica, don't say that! You can't help that you're a freaking goddess, literally. Besides, for now, Maddie and I have decided to take a break on love." she said, giving me a playful shove that earned her a disapproving look from Grayson. " Amanda, must thou be that way? Joking all of the time?" he asked, taking my hand in his. " Oh Em Gee! What's with this secret party I wasn't invited to!?!" Maddie squealed, two decent looking guys walking behind her.
  5. "It's not a party, silly! I just thought I'd crash the love birds moment." Amanda giggled, me and Grayson immediately stepping away from each other. " Angelica, I'd like you to meet Matt and Zayn. Guys, meet Angelica and Grayson." Maddie introduced us, both guys politely shaking our hands. "Quite nice to meet both of you." Zayn smiled, Matt giving a nod. "Nice to meet you as well." I smiled, taking a few steps back just in case, but they didn't seem to notice. " You have to meet our other friends!" Amanda squealed, practically dragging poor Zayn behind her Maddie doing the same to Matt.
  6. "Well. They seem... Nice." I shrugged, giving a small smile as Grayson gave a nod. " Nicer than the other males they were with. I suppose we should head back to Louis's. You have school tomorrow and all." he suggested, humming quietly beside me as we walked back. "Grayson, do you know why we were sent here?" I asked him, looking up at him. " He is in danger. I am afraid I cannot tell you what type of danger, because even I do not know that much." he explained, his words hitting me hard. Blaze and I... We could have stayed together if Grayson hadn't come.
  7. We kept silent the rest of the way there, walking into Louis's house after he gave me one last hug. " Angelica, may I speak to you for a moment?" Louis asked. " Sure." I shrugged, following him into a small room, that was dimly lit, but still beautiful. " Angelica. I understand you and Grayson have that whole.... Forced romance thing, but... I was wondering... Would you maybe like to.. I dunno.. Um.." he stuttered, holding my hands as he blushed furiously. I gave a small giggle, leaning over and pressing my lips against his.
  8. My lips pressed against his, I felt his body immediately tense up, but relax as he began to kiss me back, his warm breath tickling my upper lip as he occasionally bit my lip, making me blush like crazy. After a couple of minutes, we pulled away for breath, his face glowing as we gave identical smiles. " What was that for?" he finally asked. " I just felt like it." I shrugged, giving him a small hug. " Maybe you should feel that way more often." he chuckled, accepting my hug. " Well, we'll just have to see about that." I giggled.
  9. " Anyway, I was just wondering if you would like to go to my favorite cafe with me later. It doesn't have to be a date or anything. Unless you want it to be." he blushed, blushing harder as I gave a nod. " Sure, I'd enjoy that." I smiled, giving him one last hug before walking back into the living room.
  10. "Angelica, tell him he is so wrong!" Amanda insisted, tugging me over to Blaze. "Um. Why is he..." " He says that you two had to break up! Please don't tell me it's true!" she pled, me and Blaze exchanging looks as I gave a shrug. " Amanda, let's just talk about something else." I suggested, smiling as Maddie came through with their new guys. " Angelica, tell Zayn I'm not joking about you! He doesn't believe me!" she sighed, making my brows arch curiously.
  11. " Well I guess it depends on what you were telling them." I said, watching as she gave a small smile. " You know..." "I do? All I know is that I'm really confused right now." I said with a frown, Zayn giving a laugh. " She says you're a Guardian Angel. I mean... Not that you're not nice enough to be one or anything...but.... That's a bold claim." Zayn explained. " Maddie! You weren't supposed to tell!" Amanda shrieked, me and Blaze covering our ears as the two of them started to argue back and forth. "QUIET!" I finally screamed, tired of their shrill shrieks.
  12. " Just tell them it's true, Angelica." Maddie pled, both guys tilting their heads curiously as I gave a sigh. "Fine. It's true. I am a Guardian Angel, but we're usually just referred to as Guardians." I explained, expecting anything from them. "Prove it." Matt said, skeptical about the whole thing I quickly shut my eyes, muttering "Hidden Secret" under my breath, my downy grey wings fluttering out, fluffier and fuller than usual. " Oh my.... I mean... What in the...." Zayn muttered, rubbing his temples as he tried to understand what he was seeing.
  13. " Told you! In your face! I was right, you were wrong!" Maddie said in a song-songy voice, doing a wacky victory dance across the living room, Amanda joining in. " Girls! What happened?!" Zach asked in shock, apparently just meeting Zayn and Matt for the first time. " Uhm... Nothin. Right Maddie? Yeah! Just.... Just using Angelicas wings as... Feather dusters! Mhm! Yup, that's it!" Amanda said with a blush, Blaze laughing as she attempted to touch my wings. "Yeah. I totally believe that. Angelica, what really happened?" he asked, turning to face me. " Honestly, I'm just as confused as you are. I come in here and get bombarded by these two, asking me frivolous things, and next thing you know, I'm having to prove I'm a Guardian." I shrugged.
  14. " You poor thing. Maybe now I can get that hug you owe me?" he asked with a smile. "Why do I owe you? I don't remember you doing anything for me." I frowned, watching Amanda and Maddie whisper to Zayn and Matt. " I allow you to be around me, so the least you could do is give me one little hug." he insisted with a laugh. " Oh hush." I huffed, leaning over and giving him a quick hug, pulling away just as fast. " Aw. You're so antisocial. You need to loosen up a bit. Be the life of the party, babyyyy!" he laughed, doing an awkward dance move that got us all laughing. " Whatever party's you've been attending, I'd rather not go to." I chuckled softly, Blaze giving a nod in agreement.
  15. " Party pooper! Come on, you know you'd just love to be able to dance near me." he said with a wink, Maddie rolling her eyes as she and Amanda left the room to walk Matt and Zayn outside. " Not when you are dancing like that." I frowned. " Dancing like what?" Louis asked, walking into the room. " You don't even want to know." Blaze said, shaking his head in disgust. " Like a freaking 'Dancing with the Stars' guy, dirty addition!" Amanda said, poking her head into the house with a laugh.
  16. " Oh come on, Zach! That's sick!" Louis cried, Zach dancing around the room again. " You're just jealous of my sweet moves." he said with a wink, doing a crazy spin before crashing into a table. "Yeah. I'm totally jealous. Just quit making a mess, you goof." Louis said sarcastically, me and Blaze laughing as Zach blushed. " Angelica! Angelica!" Maddie and Amanda squealed, running in with huge smiles.
  17. " What?" " They asked us out! They did, didn't they Maddie? Yup! They were all like ' You two are so funny' and then, Maddie's all like ' You two probably like Angelica more, it's a Guardian thing' and they were like ' She seems really nice and pretty and all, but she's already got her large .." Amanda droned on, Maddie nodding excitedly. " My large what?" I asked. " Starts with b and rhymes with what!" Zach laughed, my eyes going wide as I quickly looked away from him. "Oh em Gee! I was going to say group of guys hanging with her, not that, you pervert!" Amanda squealed, her and Maddie giving nervous giggles as I blushed in embarrassment.
  18. " Uhm. That's.. That's great news you two." I said, forcing a small smile before turning away for half a second. " Oh cmon! I was just playing around! Your booty isn't.." "Can we not talk about people's booties? Please?" I asked with a chuckle, turning back around to face him. " Fine. How about..." he started, Louis giving him a sharp glare. "Jeez, okay, okay. Hmm.... Uhm.. Look what you did, Louis! You made me all awkward." Zach frowned, going around and dancing again, Louis rolling his eyes.
  19. " What in the world is Zach doing?" Castiel asked as he and Grayson walked in the room, their faces full of shock. " Do NONE of you watch 'Dancing with the Stars' ? He's obviously reenacting one of the dirty dances!" Maddie groaned at them, Amanda giving a nod as Zach stopped. "I am not! I'm stretching in style." he said, my face burning as he winked at me. " Thou art quite strange, mortal." Grayson muttered, him and Castiel pulling me over between them for protection. " You're just jealous of this hot bod I was blessed with." Zach said, everyone giving a laugh as he flexed his muscles.
  20. "Angelica, have thou told Blaze why you and Castiel were sent here?" Grayson asked once everything had calmed down a bit. "Oh! I forgot to!" I said, looking over at Blaze. " Castiel and I were sent to protect you from some sort of danger. We don't know what yet, but we'll find out soon, I'm sure." I told him, walking over to him, putting my hands in his. " Angelica. Remember when we told each other we'd stay together if it wasn't a love thing?" he whispered into my ear. I gave a small nod, blushing as he gave my cheek a kiss. " I wish that we could still do that." he said. " So do I. You have no idea how hard this has been for me." I whispered back, giving him a hug before walking back beside the others.
  21. " Hey, I'm going to go to sleep." I said, going to my room with a yawn, tucking my wings away before drifting off to sleep.
  22. ***????***Oh how I loathed her. Oh how I hated her. Oh how I hated to love her, that Guardian child. She was too young for my liking, but once she got of good age, she'd be mine. I'd have her wrapped around my little finger, and she wouldn't be able to fight it. She'd never sense it coming, for I posses more power than her. With a small laugh, I gave a snap of my fingers, flames pouring out of my hands. " Father, I have sent him. He has met the young Guardian and says she is more than we thought." I said to my father, Lucifer.
  23. "Well done, my son. You have pleased me, Daemon." Lucifer said, his vile smirk scaring even me, and that is very hard to accomplish.
  24. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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