the great bob ross trivia quiz

Some people say, there's art, and there's Art. It's a hard world, the art business, and life as a painter can be rough. So rough in fact that sometimes you can easily forget what painting is supposed to be all about. Fortunately some artists are able to remind us, and Bob Ross is such a person.

So you've seen a few episodes of Bob's painting series on tv. You think that makes you an expert on painting the Bob Ross way? Well, then take the quiz and find out if you know your brushes from your kitchen spoons!

Created by: loco
  1. what is Bob's most noticable feature?
  2. where did Bob spend a lot of years of his life?
  3. what is Bob's 'golden rule'?
  4. who is the most famous animal in the series?
  5. which color is the odd one out?
  6. what is Bob's favorite word?
  7. what is 'the fun part'?
  8. what does bob never make?
  9. when are you in 'agony city'?
  10. in your world ...
  11. what what most difficult for Bob to do when he was a traditional painter?
  12. where is the television studios located that was used to film the 'Joy of Painting'(tm) series?
  13. what does everybody need?
  14. what does Bob say at the end of each episode?
  15. what is typical about the canvas Bob uses?
  16. what's the main advantage of using a black canvas?
  17. what do most people find the hardest to paint?
  18. a little roll of paint on the ...
  19. what color does Bob use to sign his paintings with?

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