The GMObelus AgBio Test

This test doesn't require scientific training. All it takes is knowing the recent history of agricultural biotechnology, so the playing field is level.

See how much you know about this remarkable field, and at the same time, determine how much you believe that's actually misinformation. It's permitted to search the web for your answers -- and GMObelus Custom Websearch is your best bet.

Created by: Andrew Apel

  1. What process has had the greatest effect on the genetic makeup of modern crops?
  2. As a result of genetic engineering, the use of pesticides on farms has:
  3. What process has had the greatest effect on the genetic makeup of modern crops?
  4. Will insects develop resistance to the toxins produced in Bt crops?
  5. The first plant to be genetically engineered was:
  6. What was the first GM crop approved for cultivation?
  7. What is the world's most popular GM crop?
  8. When did crops become resistant to herbicides?
  9. Does it require human intervention to transfer individual genes between species?
  10. Are genetically modified crops likely to spread their genes into nearby ecosystems?
  11. On average, how long does it take to develop a new genetically modified crop and get it approved for cultivation?
  12. Tomato paste made from genetically modified tomatoes is no longer available in Great Britain, because:
  13. Genetically modified StarLink corn and foods made from it were pulled from the market because:
  14. Which country in the world has approved the most GMOs for food and feed?
  15. The farmers who derive the greatest direct benefits from genetically modified crops are those in:
  16. Corporations force farmers to buy new seed from them every year, by:
  17. What are popular reasons for farmers to purchase GM seeds?
  18. How many published studies have concluded that GM crops are safe for production or consumption?
  19. GM potatoes have been developed and approved in the United States, but are not grown there, because:
  20. If you took all the DNA in the average plant cell and laid the DNA molecules end-to-end, how long would that be?
  21. In 1986, the world's first field trials of GM plants were conducted in:
  22. In 1994, the European Union's first genetically engineered crop, tobacco, was approved in:
  23. Food crops with the 'Terminator' gene:
  24. By 2008, field trials of GMOs which had been conducted in the United States totaled roughly:
  25. By 2008, the number of field trials of GMOs that had been conducted in the European Union totaled roughly:
  26. GM wheat is not commercially grown anywhere, because:
  27. The number of farmers who have been sued because genetically modified pollen or seed got into their field by accident total roughly:

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