The Girl Who Lived part 21-30

So, here is my third installment of The Girl Who Lived. as you may have seen, it's parts twenty one to thirty. I hope that you enjoy the third installment

I've noticed that my parts in this section have gotten quite a bit short. But oh, well. No fixing it now. I now have about forty more parts that I need to publish

Created by: chopinSonata1849

  1. Part 21
  2. I woke in a haunting silence. The diary was gone and the pounding on the other side of the of the Hospital Wing door had stopped. The sun outside had gone and all that was visible was darkness. I removed the blanket that had been put on me when I had entered the wing. I rolled out of the bed since I didn't have enough energy to pull myself up. When I put my bare feet on the floor, I felt that there had been more pressure put onto my legs than normal.The floor was stone cold. The temperature has dropped significantly since I had stepped on the floor last. I opened the door to the hallway, a cool breeze blew back my ginger hair. The boys were on the other side of the door just about to kick it open. Suppose they hadn't realized that I had opened the door because the twins charged right for me not even looking in my direction. Still as frail as I was before I entered the hospital wing, the twins knocked me pushed me over with ease. The others noticed later after I had been knocked down. Fred and George headed over to the sheets where I had been and tossed everything within the room aside in an attempt to find me. The others helped me up and we waited in silence until the twins would see that they had pushed me over in the process of coming to look for me. Harry timed them while Dumnledore simply shook his head but went along with our little charade. Two minutes flat was the time it took them. Neville and Oliver had been my main supports so I wouldn't fall or be pushed over again. When the twins had found I wasn't in a pile of sheets or in the oversized rubbish bin, I was crushed in one of their usual bear hugs. I do love the twins but they can be a bit much sometimes. "Out of all places, why did you look in the rubbish bin first?" "Well, you were small enough to fit in one so we figured we may as well look there." I smiled with half of my effort but I knew it still didn't make my over all appearance any better. "How long has it been since I was out here?" "About a day." Neville said glancing at his watch. There were slight bags under his eyes. Under all of theirs. "It's time for breakfast. Why don't I take you there?" I was hesitant at first, wanting them to get the rest they needed. "But you need your rest, all of you. I can't ask you to do something like that." Instead of Neville responding like how I had expected, Harry spoke this time. "No way. We can't have this happening to you all the time. It's unhealthy. While you were in there, we decided that we need to keep watch of you to make sure that this doesn't happen again." "What do you have in mind? I can't do that again because the diary's gone. It wasn't there when I woke." "We've made a schedule." Harry pushed up this glasses further up his nose. He pulled out a lengthy schedule that when unfurled, looked to be pages long.
  3. Part 22
  4. I viewed the long schedule that seemed to be endless. I must have worried them so much to the extent that they devised a plan between themselves who would watch over me. Severous Snape and his boring monotone voice entered the room with a message that I needed to report to Dumbledore's office. Since it was Neville's turn, he went with me to his office but Neville stood outside. "Where did you find that book?" Dumbledore had begun to question me once I was in the room. I couldn't let him know that Ginny had posession of it. She would "Abandoned in the library." I hadn't meant to show any signs that I was lying to the headmaster but, apparently I did. Dumbledore gave me a watchful eye as he stroked his lengthy beard. "Alright then, you are dismissed." He gestured the way out but I knew how to get there. I exited the grand door to find Neville sitting cross-legged at the door while the twins had their ears to the door. "Why are you guys here?" "Neville's shift ended 30 minutes ago" The twins replied. Neville opened his mouth to say something. "No it didn't I still have-" Fred put his had over Neville's mouth as Neville continued to talk which resulted in only a muffling noise. Dumbledore suspected something. I probably made it that obvious. I took out a copy of my schedule from my pocket hidden inside my robes. "He's right though, your shift doesn't start until another hour or so." The twins gave me a shrug and escorted me to the main hallway where everyone was crowded around one another. Words were written on the wall with some oozing red substance. Blood, and it was dripping wet. The sight alone made me feel ill. I still looked for the source. In the corner Filch's cat was lying there, petrified. The words read something about a Chamber of Secrets and that enemies of the Slytherin heir should be beware. The meaning of this had confused me so much. My train of thought was interrupted when Filch pointed his unsanitary looking fingers at Harry. "You. Look what you've done." He launched himself towards Harry. I jumped in front of Harry to protect him from the attack and then braced myself for whatever was about to come. What I didn't expect was for Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall to stop him. They forced Filch to apologize and whisked him away. The blood on the wall made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. I tried to look away and focus on Harry but it didn't help the slightest bit. I still felt sickened. "Harry are you all right?" "Yeah, but why is that written on the wall? There must be a specific reason it's there." He replied not turning away from the words on the wall. "What's the Chamber of Secrets? Or rather, what's in it?" "I'm not sure, better do some research." We agreed to meet at the library the next day when he was supposed to be watching me.
  5. Part 23
  6.   The next morning when it was Neville's shift, we had met in the library for researching the chamber of secrets. While Neville had focused on the founders of Hogwarts and trying to discover who had created the chamber, I was searching among dozens of bookshelves for something on the chamber itself and the slytherin heir. I had found a book that might have shed some light on the subject but it was slightly out of reach. Even standing on my toes and stretching out my arms to reach a book that was on the highest shelf didn't seem to work. Maybe I had tried to reach just simply a little too far because I had lost my balance and almost toppled over the delicate wooden bookcase. In the middle of my fall, a steady hand had caught me. The hand had pulled me back into my standing position and I had looked into the charming eyes of the one who had pulled me backward. I was staring into the eyes of Oliver Wood. Our eyes had been locked but when a student pushed us out of their way of the bookshelf, we blushed simultaneously. He had raised his hand toward the shelf and grabbed the book with ease. "Is this what you're looking for?" "Yes it is. Thank you Oliver." "Why are you even researching the Chamber of Secrets?" "I have a rather strong hunch the weird events happening within Hogwarts is due to the Chamber." "I'll leave you to your research." With that, Oliver left, leaving me to research. When I had returned to the table Neville had been seated at, I found him lost in a book of plants. I sat beside him slamming the thick resource of information beside his head to wake him of his trance. "I found a book that might give me anwers." I skimmed a majority of pages until I found a page that caught my eye. It said that a monster inside the chamber could only be controlled by the Heir of Slytherin and the chamber itself could only be opened by the heir. I informed Neville of the information I had collected and went to inform Harry. "Harry, I found an answer to the Chamber of Secrets." We opened our mouths to speak. "The chamber is the home to a creature that will only obey the heir of slytherin and the chamber can only be opened by the heir." Harry and I said together without the slightest bit of hesitation. "That was odd. Let's never do that again. I can guess Hermoine informed you. Who's the Slytherin Heir then?" "Who?" "Isn't it obvious? It's Malfoy."
  7. Part 24
  8. After defense of the dark arts class ended, the self absorbed teacher told us to stay after class and that he had important news to share with us. "I have decided to create a dueling club that starts today. Anyone may participate. It begins in half an hour." I turned to Draco who had been sitting to my right. "Are you going to participate in the dueling club?" "I'd rather not if Potter's attending. If I know one thing, I learned that my father taught me well and not to tolerate being with mud bloods." "You can't judge a person simply from their backgrounds. I don't even have one considering, nothing was left by my parents." He didn't respond. He may be the rudest person you may ever meet but he's not stupid. Draco can take a hint and he had. "No matter what you say about Harry, that can't change that he's a good friend of mine and of Ron's. I'm still going to the dueling club even if your not." I rose from my chair and walked over to Harry. Before I was out of earshot, I heard Draco's comment. "It can't be that bad. I'll teach Potter a thing or two." I had asked Harry and Ron if they would participate. Harry had agreed easily that he could always use more training to defend himself. Ron was the one who took convincing. It took us several minutes to convince him and an apple pie as a bribe. He finally gave up knowing that he couldn't weasel anything out of me, Hermoine or Harry anymore. No joke intended. "That's it Ron, you're not getting anything more out of this." He thought about this. "I'm not going to offer you anything else besides an apple pie." "Fine, but the apple pie had better be good. Although, I was planning to go anyway." "That's it." I headed toward Ron with closed fists but our big-headed teacher had entered the classroom. "Let us get started shall we?" Gildrey Lockhart clapped his hands together to get our attention. "Let us go outside for dueling." We had traveled as a giant herd outside into the courtyard where the dueling soon began. I was paired with Neville, Hermoine with Ron and Harry had gotten stuck with Draco. As Harry and Draco had begun dueling nothing had happened. They had shouted spells at each other with so much hate towards each other. In the midst of their fight, Draco conjured a snake with the flick of a wand. I heard a voice within my head. It wasn't my conscience. The venomous voice was frightening how similar it had been to the one I had heard when I had locked myself in the hospital wing. I shook my head violently and put my palms over my ears to block out the terrible sound. "Scarlet, what's wrong? Do you have a migraine?" The voice had gotten louder to almost a shout that my brain couldn't concentrate on anything beside the voice. It continued to get louder and I clamped my palms on my ears harder to block the sound. Resisting the sound had done no good. I wasn't sure what it had said, I was trying my best to rid myself of it. By this time, I had been curled on the ground. The voice in my head had been silenced. I stood and looked over at Neville who was pacing back and forth at a hurried pace, muttering to himself. I caught his arm to get him to stop pacing. "I'm sorry for making you worry." He gave me one of his warm smiles. Everyone's attention wasn't on me, it was on Harry. Harry and Draco were no longer dueling. The snake conjured by Malfoy had slithered to be only a foots distance away from Harry. Harry was talking to the snake. I understood their conversation perfectly but everyone else besides me, Harry and the snake seemed to be rather puzzled. I put a mask over my real expression. I made it appear as if I hadn't had the slightest clue to what they were talking about. Truth was, I understood completely. Every word.
  9. Part 25
  10. Hermoine later informed us Harry is a Parselmouth like Salazar Slytherin. Rumors had spread around Hogwarts quickly about the events that occurred during the duel between Draco and Harry. In less than 24 hours, every student had learned of Harry being a Parselmouth which led students of Hogwarts to believe he was the heir. I sat with Harry, Ron and Hermoine during lunch trying to fit together the last puzzle pieces. "If Malfoy is the heir, then how do we determine whether it's him or not." I had asked no one in specific. "Well, I've been doing research on how to. I found the perfect opportunity since Christmas is just around the corner. It's called a poly-juice potion. It will allow you to disguise yourself as someone if you have the DNA of that person." Hermoine stated not bothering to look up from her book. "Simple enough." We made plans on collecting the DNA of the Crabbe, Goyle and a teacher. I would stand by to ensure nothing would go wrong. After lunch, we split to begin preparations, Christmas was around the corner and I hadn't made a gift for anyone yet. Weeks passed since then, I had wrapped some last minute gifts with help of the twins. They had given me plenty of stuff that they were planning to play jokes on people but I "˜borrowed' them. We interregated Draco but he wasn't the heir. I headed towards the library to meet Neville. There I heard the voices of Crabbe, Goyle and Draco. They had one kid pushed up against the solid concrete wall. The kid was squealing in pain, he was a first year. "Honestly Draco, I know you don't have many friends to start with but, that's no reason to bully a first year into making him your friend." Draco turned, instantly recognizing my voice. Crabbe and Goyle released the first year from their grips. "Go on." I looked at the first year nudging him to leave. He escaped as quickly as possible, squealing as he fled. "I have friends in fact, I have Crabbe, Goyle, Dobby and Parkinson. She can't keep her hands off of me." He said very proud of his 2 underlings who could be punished if they don't respect him, his house elf and one psycotic girl obsessed with him. "As opposed to me who doesn't even want to be within a 10 foot radius of you." I muttered this of course, without the slightest bit of hesitation. He huffed and turned on his heel. I still stood next to Crabbe and Goyle. Draco turned again, noticing his underlings weren't with him. "Crabbe, Goyle don't make me get the spritz bottle again." With a painful sounding sigh, Crabbe and Goyle trailed sulking behind Draco. Behind bookshelves at a table and even there hidden behind mountains of lengthy novels, I spotted Neville and Oliver Wood. I walked towards them hoping there was good news on anything. It didn't matter if Filch bought another cat or if Moaning Myrtle had finally not irritated anyone enough to the point of not using the bathroom she haunts. I don't care the slightest bit as long as the news are positive. "Please tell me there's good news." "Not quite." Replied Neville.
  11. Part 26
  12.   "What's the bad news?" "Well, someone's been petrified." "This doesn't seem right. Out of all times why now? I think the chamber hides something that someone wants." "I was playing quid ditch at the time, I came to find you and tell you the news. I bumped into Neville looking for you so I told him the news. Colin Creevey was found petrified taking a picture of something in the audience. This is way too suspicious. He wasn't the first." Oliver cut in. "What do you mean he wasn't the first?" Neville and I said simultaneously. "Jinx. You owe me a soda." I stated pointing directly at Neville. He held his head and counted the change in his pocket. "Well, Justin Finch-Fletchley was petrified earlier." "This doesn't seem good at all." There was a scream within the library. A girls high shriek, or it could have been Neville. The scream came from the other side of the library and since Neville stood directly beside me, it couldn't have had been him. That ruled it out to about every female in Hogwarts. The scream stopped suddenly, I searched where I had thought the voice was coming from. Dodging bookcases, I made my way to the source of the loud shriek. It wasn't a stranger like I had hoped. Hermoine was laying on the ground. I stood in horror. Neville began to panic. "Oliver, get Harry and Ron. Harry will know what to do." Oliver ran while I checked Hermoine's pulse and breathing. Her pulse was at a steady rate and her skin still radiated heat. There was no doubt she was still alive, just frozen in place. Petrified. Just like Colin Creevey. Harry and Ron came running with Oliver behind them, Neville was still panicking in the corner. Harry and Ron ran to her and gently pushed me aside as if I weren't even there. A ghost.
  13. Part 27
  14. It's perfectly understandable since she's their best friend an all, but I can't help but feel left out. Neville and Oliver are beside me, both giving me reassuring smiles but I don't feel the least bit reassured. It was nice of them though. They carried her all the way to the hospital wing while Neville, Oliver and I returned to our everyday lives. A huge series of events occurred after Hermoine was petrified. Dumbledore was suspended as headmaster of Hogwarts and Hagrid was taken away to Azkaban prison. I didn't believe that Hagrid had opened the Chamber at all. I believe he was framed. He told us to follow the spiders, and that's what Harry, Ron and I planned to do after dark. After curfew. At dinner I told Neville, Oliver and the twins of our plans and my theories. "We plan to go into the Forbidden Forest and follow the spiders to find the truth behind it." I explained. "Ron hates spiders . Or should I say that he"˜s afraid of them?" Fred said. " Whenever he sees spiders he has a tendency to wet his pants and scream like a little girl. Not like he doesn't normally scream like that. Do me a favor and take a video." George added in. "You're going into the Forbidden Forest? I don't feel safe with you going there even if you have Ron and Harry. You could be petrified like Hermoine and the Gryffindor ghost." Oliver began. "I'll be fine." I said almost about to tell him about that mysterious thing I had seen in the Forbidden Forest last drinking the blood of the unicorn and how I had survived it. Although, I think it would make him feel worse about letting me go. "They need me. Harry wants my support in case Ron runs away and I should help Ron overcome his fear of spiders." I put my hand on his shoulder to help put him at ease and to convince him into letting me go without his help. "But-" I cut him off. "Here." I said as I removed the my lace vintage purple ribbon tying back my messy orange hair and handed it to him. My bangs still covered my forehead and were almost in my eyes. "This is my favorite hair ribbon. I want you to keep it safe for me until I return." I tied it around his wrist. It was a gift given to me by my parents through the mail on holidays. I had received several hair accessories through the mail from them but and I had several favorites for different reasons. But this one just seemed special. The color or the feeling of confidence it gave me when I wore it. "Okay, you had better be back though." Oliver agreed to finally let me go. He can have such an older brother complex. He seemed like he would be my older brother "Where's our gifts?" Asked the twins making a sad face as if he were a kid passing by a toy store and not going in. "Fine." I sighed heavily and pulled out two hairclips that pinned strands of hair that wouldn't fit into the ponytail I had had minutes before. "Here, you can keep them if you want. I got them at the dollar store." I handed them to Fred. I pulled an elastic hairband from the pocket in my skirt. I leaned over the table and tied all of George's hair into a ponytail at the top of his head. "There's your gift. Keep your hair like that, it looks beautiful." "Anything for you Scarlet." He pinched my cheeks like a grandma would and I was playing with his hair in the ponytail as a child would. I finished fixing his hair and with that, dinner was over. I was on my way to the Gryffindor common room to prepare to enter the Forbidden Forest.
  15. Part 28
  16.   When I got to the common room, I rushed to my room packing a backpack full of supplies. A bottle of water, snacks, a chocolate frog and a flashlight with extra batteries. I also packed in a small umbrella and a change of clothes. I didn't pack the umbrella because I was afraid of getting my clothes wet, it was because in the Forbidden Forest you never know what creatures you'll come across and if you need something to defend yourself with it. An umbrella isn't glamorous but it's better than nothing. Inside my boots I had concealed my wand. Most Wizards or Witches preferred to hide it within their cloak because it's easier to use but I figure it would seem easier to carry around if we lived in the muggle world where magic isn't used and we didn't have to use wands everyday. I returned to the common room when I had prepared everything. The prefects hadn't began patrolling quite yet so the coast was still clear. There was a slight breeze which only lasted for a short period of time. A breeze in the common room is unusual, It didn't seem like a draft, more like I wasn't alone. No sign of Harry or Ron. "Those two idiots. They must've chickened out already." I picked up a small hardback novel called "˜Romeo and Juliet' and held the spine in my dominant hand. I felt another breeze and the presence of another person. Simply because I couldn't see them didn't mean they weren't there. I concentrated on my hearing more than my other 4 senses. When I felt the breeze again, I heard footsteps moving around the common room. I took the hardcover book and threw it as if I were a baseball pitcher throwing a slider. I threw using all the power I had. Guess working as a servant for the Malfoys all those years had help me build up some muscle because when the book hit my target or whatever was moving, there was a loud thwack and then a scream of pain "Ouch! What was that for?" I walked over to what I had hit. What I had seen wasn't as horrifying as the scream I had heard but, all I could see was a head screaming, and nothing else. It was Ron. "Ron, why do you only have a head?" I tried to say this as casually as I could and make it sound as if it were everyday talk but when comes to this, it's simply not possible. When at Hogwarts expect the unexpected. "I don't. It's this invisible cloak." He pulled something off of him and it looked more like an invisible blanked but I guess cloak sounds better and more mysterious. "Why were you lurking around here? We're supposed to be following the spiders." I said. "I can answer that question. We wanted to see how long it would take for you to notice you weren't alone in the common room and what you would do." Started Fred as the twins entered the common room with a camera. "We took bets on what you would do. We both wagered that you would hit him and make him scream like a girl. Ron wagered that you would just wait. Looks like you owe us 20 dollars little brother." George continued. "Would you like to pay us now or pay interest." Ron pulled out money from his cloak. "Fine, I never should've made that bet anyway." He handed it to the twins. Harry's head appeared from the entrance of the common room. "Where were you guys? I told the twins to tell you the meeting place was outside the common room." I gave the twins a look. "Fred, George did you plan to make a bet with Ron and con him out of his money?" I looked from Fred to George. "Maybe." They both said making their voices sound innocent. As usual, I was skeptical. "Would we ever do such a thing?" Making their voices and eyes seem so innocent that it seemed impossible they could do that. They were the twins after all. "Yes." I answered without the tiniest bit of thought. "Remember, you never con family." "Yeah but Scarlet, his pain is our gain. What would you say if we split the money we con from Ron with you?" "Okay, deal. I'll make an exception." I agreed. "Still in the room." Ron commented sounding a little upset we just ignored him for several minutes. He was still holding his arm trying to make the pain go away. "I hate to interrupt your family gathering but if you haven't forgotten, we need to find the truth." Harry interrupted. "Come on Ron, let's go." I pulled Ron by the arm I hadn't hit, picked up the book I had threw at him and glanced at the cover. I had read it once when I lived in Malfoy Manor. Since I had thrown it at Ron, it looked a little beat up compared to how it had looked brand new when I picked it up. "I never liked that book." I said as I threw it on the floor again as Harry, Ron and I left for the Forbidden Forest. Unsure of what events would occur.
  17. Part 29
  18. "Why was Hagrid taken prisoner? I don't have all the details, I heard that he opened the Chamber of Secrets but I don't believe it for one second. What led people to believe it?" "I found a notebook in the bathroom that showed the events that happened 50 years ago that proved Hagrid was the heir. Then he was sent to Azkaban." Harry said, walking briskly. The spiders crawled at a fast pace. There was a space in the forest that the spiders stopped. There was a giant spider among them all. He or it introduced itself as Aragog. It said to us that Hagrid was not the heir. Ron was quivering and holding onto the back of my cloak as if he were a child not wanting to be lost. "Grow up Ron. I know you're afraid of Spiders but hiding behind me isn't going to solve anything." Before I said more to Ron, the spiders were circling around us. We began running, the branches of the trees whipped us as we ran, the sting of when they flew back and hit us wouldn't compare to the frightening uncertainty of what would come if the spiders would catch us. My heart beat faster from running. I was sprinting slower than Harry but I wasn't breathing as hard. As crisp and clear as the air was, the air itself did not seem as though it were enough. My head began to ache. I continued to run, until the heel on my boot caught onto the root of a tree that had slightly poked out from the ground. I was falling downwards, when a hand pulled me up. It was Harry. He had stopped and come to help me. I searched for Ron hoping he was alive. I couldn't see him anywhere. Man, the Weasley's would be upset. "Ron!" I screamed. Then from a far distance from where we were running from, the voice came, quiet but still audible. "Scarlet! I'm fine. I need to lay off the pumpkin bread." The thought of Ron going on some sort of diet made me laugh at the thought. Ron soon came into sight but behind him was a swarm of spiders, and they were angry. Harry was still holding my hand from when he helped me up. He must've forgotten. My feet ached more than the forming bruises on my arms and legs. Ron tumbled as I had but, this time no one was there to rescue him. The spiders did catch up with him, I watched as they crept closer. "Scarlet!" "Ron!" Harry and I both screamed. I sprinted towards him letting go of Harry's hand. I didn't try to conserve my energy, I wouldn't have any soon and I needed to reach Ron before the spiders did. Jumping over moss covered logs, rocks and avoiding being whipped by a tree branch it seemed like some sort of obstacle course. When I had reached an arms length of Ron, it was already too late. The spiders had surrounded us and there was no way out that was physically possible for us. The spiders were among us, and we were left with no means of escape.
  19. Part 30
  20. The spiders inched closer. Ron, Harry and I stood in a triangle with our backs to each other. "I can no longer deny them fresh meat." Aragog's voice said as the abnormally huge spiders leaped towards us. Harry and Ron held their wands aimed at the tarantulas. "Use a spell." Ron said, his hands shaking wildly "I can't there's no spell to get rid of them all." Harry replied. "Where's Hermoine when you need her?" Ron whined. A spider leaped forward towards me. I smacked it down with my umbrella. It was similar to baseball. More tarantula's leaped for us. Out of all things, I didn't figure I'd die by being eaten by a spider but, this is Hogwarts after all. The next events happened in a flash. There was a blinding flash of light coming from at an angle. "I think my life's flashing before my eyes. " "Ron, that's not your life flashing before your eyes. It's just headlights of the flying car you crashed at the beginning of the year." I said as the car rammed into the spiders while still in mid-air only a foot from our faces. "Go!" Harry pushed us into the car. A spider was about to attack us but Harry shouted a spell that emitted a light and blew away the spider. Harry and Ron slammed the doors shut while I was stuck between them. Tarantula's jumped onto the car, causing the car to shake. "Go!" Harry shouted again, and Ron stomped on the gas pedal but instead of going forward, the car drove in reverse, making us go backward. Similar to a roller coaster ride, except, we didn't know what to expect. My stomach did flips. The car came to a stop eventually, the coast was clear. Especially here, this is not a good sign. "Well, there's nothing here-" Then the legs of a spider wrapped around Ron's neck in an attempt to suffocate him. Ron tried to break free, but when there's a battle between an abnormally huge spider that should be considered mutant and Ron, it's obvious who would win. I wouldn't accept that. I grabbed my wand from my boot, throwing my umbrella on the floor. Harry and I shouted the same spell he had earlier that blew away the spider from before. "I appreciate it." Said Ron feeling his neck. "Don't mention it." Said Harry "You're just racking up a bunch of IOU's that I'm eventually gonna claim." I said at the same time Harry said it wasn't that big of a deal. That spider-free zone didn't last for long. More of those mutant tarantula's appeared from behind trees, rock and pretty much everywhere. Ron pressed the pedal again and didn't let go. We drove from out of the pit but all the deadly insects followed the car and wouldn't stop. Ron was watching the trees and where he was driving because if he wasn't, we wouldn't make it out of here alive.

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