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  • 80% Agenderspot on, seeing as I'm agender.For peoples who don't know- Agender is not having a gender or a lack of a gender. Agender peoples see ourselves as neither a man nor a woman, or both. We're gender-neutral and often are described as gender-free or genderless.Agender peoples can use any pronouns they want, I personally use They/Them pronouns but there could be an agender people that uses She/Her or He/Him or any mix of pronouns and/or neopronouns.Agender peoples, just like all trans people, can have dysphoria but not everyone does. I personally do have dysphoria, especially with my tits, but some other agender people might not and I envy that people.Thanks for coming to my TED talk.(If you're wondering why instead of person I used people, for some weird reason, I really HATE the word person, so don't attack my horrid grammar, but other than that if you find a spelling error please comment.)

  • Male,lol no I'm female but I am very tomboyish instead of girly girl. I'm happy with my gender and wouldn't wanna change it though. Nice try anyways.

  • Ok first of all I got male and I am a FEMALE! Second of all, there are only 2 genders. Understood? God, this quiz is so dumb.


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