the flower of your life

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life can be hard, but some of us cant handle it, while others love a challenge to get past. so, when life gives you lemons, you can have a sour day, or make lemonade, your choice

can you push through life? or do you give up at every turn? a wise teacher once told me that life is like riding a bike up a hill. and you can get to the top, or you can give up, and slide back down to the bottom, where your going to have to start all over agian.

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  1. someone stabs you in the back, what do you do in return?
  2. what do you think about moving?
  3. color?
  4. pets?
  5. friends
  6. makeup?
  7. ideal job would be...
  8. i am...
  9. do you beleive in love?
  10. what are you grateful for?

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Quiz topic: The flower of my life