What kind of flower are u?

people have flowers in there backyard/frontyard. why sdont you take this quiz to find out what kind of flower you are. cause its cool. i love it when people takes my quizzes. i made the first one. this is going to be super duper

fun! try it boys and girls. i hope you like it alot! if you do, i wqill be happy. but if you dont like it, i will be sad. so have a 100% good time! and i love you people!

Created by: 4evr4me
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats ya favorite flower?
  2. do you really smell them almost everyday?
  3. do you like your flower?
  4. are you planting a new flower today?
  5. what flower are you planting?
  6. do you also have a garden in your backyard?
  7. what kind of hosue are you living in?
  8. do you like your house?
  9. did one of your flowers die?
  10. why did your flower[s] die?

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