What type of flower are you

What kind of flower are you? Are you the beautiful suductive Wild Rose, the lovely sweet shy lily or the sunny positive laughing daffodile.Each flower has its unique settings.

Do you want to find out what kinda flower you are? Could you be a Wild Rose, Beautiful Lily or Laughing Daffodile each flower has its own characteristic close to yours.

Created by: Beth

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  1. It's a warm friday night. Your friends are going to the movies and invite you. Do you?
  2. Your invited to the prom. Your SO excited! When you go with your friends to try on dresses, what kinda dress do you pick. Is it
  3. What would your ideal date be? would it be
  4. It's your birthday and your parents ask what kinda pet would you like. You choose a
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
  6. You found out your friend was talking about you behind your back. Do you
  7. Your out walking and you see your crush. do you
  8. Your friend asks to cheat off of you in history. do you
  9. Your friend runs up to you gleefully saying she's going out with your crush. what do you do
  10. you find out your crush is going to ask you out at the football game. Do you
  11. And last. what book would you read

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Quiz topic: What type of flower am I