What Type of Flower are You?

There are many types of flowers but only some reveal personalites. For example a rose is mysterious, beautiful, and attracts tons of people. A daisy is kind, soft, and sensitive. And a wild flower isn't always pretty but her cheerfullnes shines through making her the most popular.

Which flower are YOU? From Wild flowers to daisies to roses there are tons. Before you take the quiz I want YOU, right now to think if you are a daisy, rose, or wild flower. Now, take the quiz to see if you're correct.

Created by: maddie

  2. Your friends like because...
  3. People are being silly, too silly, you...
  4. You start a book and it's boring, you...
  5. Favorite cake?
  6. Your dad embarasses you. What to do?
  7. What do YOU think of Girl Scouts?
  8. Crying. Why?
  9. Just two more questions...
  10. Finally, what's your favorite flower?

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Quiz topic: What Type of Flower am I?