The Feline Quiz

Alright, I hope you're reading this, because I'm going to give you the answer to the last question. It's Yes, sometimes. The reason for that is they plan their jumps. However, when they are tossed from high places, they have no control over how they land. And when tossed from low places, they have no time to turn themselves so that they land gracefully.

Another thing, when their tossed from high places, if they do land on their feet, it would result in broken bones no doubt. So why would they want to land on their feet? Thank you for reading, now go on and enjoy your quiz.

Created by: Hatshepsut237
  1. Felines are-
  2. The Pixie-Bob is an acual cat breed.
  3. As is the Ratsa Gatas.
  4. Felines defend themselves using what?
  5. Catnip, how many cats love it?
  6. Do they eat it?
  7. What else do they do with it?
  8. Most humans love chocolate, but is it safe for our fuzzy friends?
  9. If you said it's not safe, why?
  10. Any other foods not good for cats?
  11. Now, for a popular cat myth. Do they always land on their feet?

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