Class of 2002 Reunion

Can you recall what your costume was for senior sophomore or who you sat next to in morning meeting? Five years have passed since you wore that white dress, tossed your penny into the pond and took that giant step into the world beyond Dana Hall. The past few years have flown by but how sharp is your memory? Are the days of clambakes and "required fun" just a blur to you now?

Take this quiz to see how much you remember about the places, people and events from your high school days. Compare your results to other silver sisters and see who is a true Dana Wiz.

Created by: Caitlin
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  1. When was Dana Hall founded?
  2. What was the color combination for the class of 1999?
  3. In our performance of Revels, who was the King?
  4. Where are step sings held?
  5. What does Sr. Cuan's duck represent?
  6. Who did we dedicate our yearbook to?
  7. What did Heidi Bock, Meredith Caruso & Emily McGraime have to dress as for senior/sophomore?
  8. What does Amor Caritas mean?
  9. Which day of the week was community dinner?
  10. Which of the following was NOT a science teacher?
  11. What is the first tradition of the school year?
  12. What was our SPREAD theme?
  13. How many girls graduated in our class?
  14. Which dorm is no longer being used by students at Dana?
  15. Who were our senior class officers?
  16. Who were the All-School Presidents our junior year?
  17. How many 6-12 grade End to Enders graduated in 2002?
  18. How many boarding End to Enders graduated in 2002?
  19. What is the #1 reason to come to our Reunion?

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