How Class of 68 are you?

The purpose of this quiz is to see how Class of 68 you are. Those that graduated from Abington Heights will know the answers, maybe.We were the first to graduate from what was called the new New School. We were all given maps of the school that first day. Soon enough we could find our way around.

Give this fun quiz a try. If you don't do well, try once more. Remember those of that are celebrating the Great 40th reunion may have a senior moment once in awhile.

Created by: Rich Tower

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  1. If you were looking for "The Mouse" where would you go?
  2. Who was the GAS MAN?
  3. If you were playing football on Thanksgiving Day, who would we be playing?
  4. What country was Antonia Villaman from?
  5. What is the PIT?
  6. Who is IGOR?
  7. Who is "Pooh the Pear?"
  8. Where was the Pasta House?
  9. Who belonged to The Student Involvement Party?
  10. Who was voted " Most Talented?"
  11. Bonus Question Who was the Superintendent of The AHSD in 1968?

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Quiz topic: How Class of 68 am I?