How Well Do You Know the YC Class of 1998?

A lot has gone on these past 10 years. This quiz has been created to get you thinking about the York Catholic Class of 1998 and remember things you may have forgotten over the years.

Good luck and choose your answers carefully. The success of this quiz will determine if you are invited to the reunion or not (only joking). Seriously though, don't mess it up.

Created by: Paul
  1. Who was our Homecoming Queen?
  2. Who was our Valedictorian?
  3. Where was our Senior Prom held?
  4. What male was voted Best Smile our senior year?
  5. How many sets of twins did we have in our class?
  6. Who was voted Most Spirited?
  7. Who was voted "Mr. Irresistible?"
  8. Which of these movies did we watch in Sociology class?
  9. What songs were performed live at the Sadie Hawkins dance?
  10. Who was our Valedictorian?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the YC Class of 1998?