What Pet Is Best For You?

Ever wanted a pet? Wanna know what kind is the best? Maybe you dream of a horse, or perhaps you long for a feline friend. What ever the case, this quiz will hopefully help you decide!

Maybe this quiz will save somebody's life(unlikely)! Or maybe it will tell you you should stick with the stuffed animals... Now I'm trying to think of words to fill up rest of quiz paragraph box, because it says I have to have at least 250 words. Lemme check.. Yes!

Created by: Natasha
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  1. How many times a year would you be able to take your pet to the vet not counting when he is sick?
  2. How much money will you be able to spend, on things such as the actual purchase, vaccinations, vet visits, food, grooming, and toys and extras?
  3. If you are living with another person, what will they tolerate you getting? Unless you have higher authority then them! Lol.
  4. Which do you want most, but also have a chance of actually getting? For example: you desperately want a horse, but live in an apartment. Or you have parents that would faint at the sit of a snake. Or a sister who would end up in ICU care if she gets a whiff of a dog?
  5. If your pet would need grooming visits, such as some types of dog, cats, and horses. How many times a year would you take them?
  6. Enjoying the quiz?
  7. How much time would you be able to spend with each pet every day doing things like playing, grooming if necessary, feeding and watering, and extras?
  8. Last question: do you have a specific pet you hope you will get at end?
  9. I lied! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!
  10. Iiiiwerupfoes;njklr;hosuihoh.
  11. Tada! The end! For real =]

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