If you were a Mweor, what would you be?

Mweor. An epic site, it's true, harboring many different species of feline-like specimens called mweors. But have you ever wanted to know what kind of mweor you were?

Well, here's your chance! With this *gleams* handy dandy quiz I've created, you can find the kind of mweor you are easily. Just click the start button and answer it up! Have fun! Ivory

Created by: Ivory
  1. Oh no! You left your homework at home! What will you tell your teacher.
  2. You're at the library, and you're caught between some books. Which do you pick?
  3. You're at an amusement park. Which ride do you tackle first?
  4. It's your turn to order ice cream.
  5. Planning a party isn't easy. What must-have song will be first on your playlist
  6. Lights out at camp! You...
  7. Winter time already? You need to do something this weekend. You decide to..
  8. What do you love to do on mweor?
  9. Are you considered to be well known?
  10. Was this quiz fun?

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