The fallen part 3

Hi guys, welcome to part 3 in my 'The Fallen' series. From your comments, you all love it.This ones odd as it's mainly a story told from one of the chracters to you. You find your power out, and you know Wills. ENJOY!

Recap - 4 guys - Max (emo-ish) Nathan (nice guy) Ryan (player!) and Will/William (Smart guy!. You are now 19 (go you!) and you live with these guys you are "the fallen".

Created by: Dayna
  1. "I'm what?" You ask him. "The fallen. You are the person who has the power of what's called 'Fallen spirits'" he smiles. "Fallen...spirits, what?" You ask. He sighs. "You have powers given to you by your ancestors." "Why is it called the fallen then?"
  2. "It's the fallen because they're powers that were fallen unto you." You nod. "What powers do you have then?" You ask him. He laughs. and closes his eyes. all of a sudden you see his thoughts of recent events, like calling for ryan the night before.
  3. "That's cool" You say. "Umm...will, what was the arguement about?" You ask. "Oh, I dunno, but it's not the first time. I wasn't around when it started off, you better ask max." He laughs and goes out.
  4. You go upstairs to find Max. You knock on his bedroom door, he answers it in person. "What?" He asks angrily. "Do you know why Ryan and Nathan argue?" He invites you in. "A few years ago, Nathan had a girlfriend called Sarah. She was really pretty. One day She came over and Nathan was out so Ryan kept her company. Nathan came home and they were out and Ryan left a note in the kitchen sayin 'sahar got bored, gone to hers' so he called her to say sorry and she didn't answer. Half an hour later Ryan hadn't returned so her called again, then called ryan. Neither of them answered."
  5. "The next day, Ryan came home at 5 am. Nathan had no sleep and he was exhausted. Nathan asked where Ryan was and he said 'out' and Nathan asked why he hadn't answered the phonehe said 'it was on silent' Nath didn't believe him. So later he called Sarah again, who did answer. He said 'sorry I wasn't in, have fun with Ryan?' she said 'umm...he walked me home but nothing happened.' then he hung up." Max said. "So all of this is over one girl?" You ask. "Not exactly."
  6. "Sarah said sorry for not answering the next day, and they got on with their lives. But early last year, Nathan was at uni and he went to see one of his mates who went to uni somewhere else. The day he left Sarah came over and Ryan said he'd walk her home. He didn't come home until lunchtime the next day. The next day She came back and spoke to Ryan. She said she didn't know Nathan was gone, although he told her three days before hand. Ryan walked her home, and came back the next day. She was one of the people who stayed overnight at uni, and soon Ryan packed a bag and stayed for a few days." Max said "They had an affair then?" You ask.
  7. "It was more involved than that." Max said quietly. "How so?" You ask. "Ryan...took her to a party the night before Nathan came back and they got drunk. Nathan came back to find the both in Ryans room asleep. Nathan loved her alot."
  8. "Get out!" He yells at you, and you leave. you run to find Nathan, he was in his room. You knock on the door "Come in!" he calls, you enter. "_____, Hi! How are you." There are tears in your eyes knowing about Ryan and Sarah, and that Ryan likes you. you cry. "_____, what's wrong?" He asks, you run to him and cry on his shoulder. "Ryan's such a .... SUCH JERK!" You sob.
  9. "Yeah, he is." Nathan hugs you and you hold him tightly. There's a knock at the door. "Wait a minute!" Nathan calls and he tells you to cry into his pillow whilst sitting in his ardrobe while he talks to that person. You do. His pillow smells nice and you look around your feet, theres a box and a torch...
  10. You open the box and see folders, books, writing, drawings and pictures. You look at the drawings, and they are all good. You look at the writing, it's all neat, you look at the pictures...

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