the fallen part 19

Hey people. Sorry about taking forever to do this. I thought people had fgiven up on me. I read the comments (I depend on comments, or I'll stop for a while) and though "I have to make anouther quiz"

This is for LinxLady who gave me the idea.I write a lot of stories, and if I did write this as a proper story, would you read it even though there are these quizzes? Just a thought :)Answer in the comments please. xxx

Created by: DaynaC

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  1. Ryan sees you and Will in Will's bed. Ryan gets angry really quickly, the anger clear on his face. "______! What are you doing? What the hell is wrong with you two!?" He yells, "Ryan, she was upset, she came to talk about it!" Will defends, "Yeah, well, I can see you had a really cosy chat about it and that she's all better now!" Ryan yells and continues, "Will, you're BEST FRIEND is dying and you're in bed with the only thing he's living for! What the hell is up with you?!"
  2. You stand up and yell out to them "Stop it! Just stop! I've had enough of all the arguments!" "Really? Well then, solve it. Don't kiss Will again, and nobody will get angry." Ryan says. "______, it's late. Why don't you try to sleep and then we can talk tomorrow? You know... when we're not so-" Will says, but Ryan interupts, "I don't even want to hear the rest of that sentence!" You leave the room.
  3. You go back to your room having caused yet anouther lame argument. You think of the guys. You hurt all of them. They've seen you at your best and your worst. The day you first met them... you recall it so well.
  4. You fall asleep having empty dreams. You're woken up by someone calling your name. You can tell it's Nathan. You look at the clock, it's eight in the morning. You go downstairs to see the 3 guys eating breakfast.
  5. "_____, eat, get dressed quickly. Visiting hours at the hospital are 10 til 10. We have to see Max!" Nath says, handing you a plate of half-burnt toast.You look at it, then at Ryan and Will who look at you guiltily.
  6. You eat the not burnt parts and shower. You get dressed into:
  7. You go downstairs, and the 3 guys look at you, smiling, but none say anything. They're all dressed and you leave quickly. The hospital is open to visitors when you get there. Max is stable and cconscious when you see him.
  8. "You came! I was worried you weren't gunna show. So, anything happen last night?" He asks. Nathan shakes his head, but you Will and Ryan don't move. "Aw, what's up you 3?" Max asks,
  9. "You're unstable, Max. Doctor said you could be gone soon." Ryan frowned, "I know Ryan. But I've had you guys around me. And I got to meet _____." Max syas and then sees Will's guilty face.
  10. "Will, what's up?" Max asks. "I... I gotta tell you something. In case you do go.But it... It's personal." Will replies, almost in tears. Ryan and Nath go to leave. You prepare to follow until Will gets your wrist. "You have to be here too, ____" Will says.
  11. Go read the description if you haven't already. Pleeeeeease. Hope to see you soon. Bye x

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