The Dreamer Comic Quiz

Many people read The Dreamer but few really know their stuff. Do you have what it takes to rise through the ranks and show you're more than just the average fan?

Now you can prove it! See if you can pass this twenty-question Pop Quiz about The Dreamer Web Comic! And I hope you studied harder than Bea, because you're going to need it. Good luck!

Created by: Lora of The Dreamer
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  1. What is the number on Ben Cato's football Jersey?
  2. When Yvette comes to Bea's house, wondering why she skipped school, what movie is playing?
  3. Mr. Steuben, the benefactor at the art museum, loaned a self-portrait to Sarah Whaley's exhibit by what famous painter?
  4. When Nathan Hale tries to prove to Bea that he's real, what three things does he ask about?
  5. Alan tells Bea they met when she was how old?
  6. Dreamer creator Lora Innes has which Founding Father on her keychain?
  7. Thomas Knowlton tells Bea that he has how many daughters?
  8. Bea asks Frederick if what myth about George Washington is true?
  9. When Bea first tells Yvette and Liz about her dream, she says Alan was wearing a pointy hat like who?
  10. Creator Lora Innes first got the idea for The Dreamer when she had a dream about kissing what famous actor?
  11. What does Bea order at the Starbuzz drive through on her way to school?
  12. When Bea comes out of the Milliner's shop, and asks Alan how she looks, he responds...
  13. The Dreamer originally began in the summer of 2007 through what networking site?
  14. What does Nathan Hale believe will happen to him if he takes Bea to find Alan, without Colonel Knowlton's permission?
  15. When Liz admits that she's going to the Halloween Dance with John, how does Bea respond?
  16. After Alan and Nathan get into a fight, Knowlton tells Alan to get Bea out of his head how?
  17. Frederick tells Alan that his father has been secretly promoting him, and he's been a Major since when?
  18. Nathan Hale tells Bea the real reason she survived the escape from Howe's ship was...
  19. Lora and Mike have a life-sized bust of which Founding Father in their living room?
  20. At the end of the last issue, Bea seems to remember some of Alan's family. Who does she remember?

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