What kind of pokemon are you?

yeah, this quiz is for characters I made up, which will probably be a comic someday, just got to practice. Then you will see the comic! But not yet. Because I haven't made it yet! and I haven't practiced making the characters yet, so it may take a while. Trust me.

Are you a loony poke? Or intelligent? Or downright shy? Find out here! Because the poke here can be either! 8 things it can be! Don't be shy,(only if you are) Come here! Or else you're chicken!

Created by: Dratini
  1. Someone you have never mat walks by you.
  2. Someone just stole something really dear to you
  3. The love of your life just asked you out!
  4. It is the perfect day! What kind of clothes are you wearing?
  5. It is the worst day ever....
  6. Just found the coolest place to go, but your parents won't let you go...
  7. What's the meaning of life?
  8. Girl fight! What to do?
  9. Well it's the end of the quiz... why did you take this?
  10. Ok, I lied, this is the end of the quiz... sorry.

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Quiz topic: What kind of pokemon am I?