Are You A Pokemon Fan?

Here you will take a quiz to find out if you are a true Pokemon fan. How long have you been a Pokemon fan? This will determan your percentege of Pokemon in you.

Are YOU a Pokemon fan? Do you have the information about Pokemon to get 100%? Now is the time to see. In just a few moments you will see? Will you do very good, or very bad Let's find out

Created by: Steven
  1. Can you catch Palkia or Dialga in Diamond?
  2. Is it true that Ash started with Bulbasaur?
  3. What is Pokemon's other name?
  4. Where did Pokemon originate?
  5. What was Dawn's first Pokemon?
  6. Why did Dawn pick that Pokemon?
  7. What was May's first Kanto Pokemon?
  8. Who was the Pewter City Gym Leader?
  9. Did Ash win the Ever Grande Competion?
  10. Last Question-What was Ash's first Shinno Pokemon?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Pokemon Fan?