How Well Do you Know Me 2.0

Take my test. See if you know me a lot or not. So go, take it now. Click take quiz whatever. Do it! Do it! Do it! I hope you do well, good luck fool. Just believe in yourself and you'll do fine hahaha

Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, lets do it. I want to be the very best there no one ever was, ever was, ever was. Hahaha its the 3rd pokemon theme song I think.

Created by: Justin
  1. When did I start tricking?
  2. What is my favorite Power Ranger color?
  3. What is my type of Pen I like to use when I pen spin?
  4. What size shoe do I like to wear?
  5. What is my myspace password?
  6. What's my favorite pokemon?
  7. Which of the following do I do?
  8. What is my favorite tricking, Gymnastic, etc move?
  9. What is my favorite combination of colors?
  10. What kind of boxers do I wear?
  11. What do I always order at McDonalds?
  12. What's my favorite drink?
  13. What is my favorite soda?
  14. What is my tricking nickname?
  15. What is my favorite anime?
  16. What is my favorite song?
  17. What is my favorite TV Show?
  18. How do I dress?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me 2.0