The DownFall: part 3

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Hi guys! Sorry this one took a couple days, I got really sick for a while and am just now feeling well enough to start making quizzes again. Also, I've been doing slot of drawings, including the image above.

Anyway, just filling up space... And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious waysMaybe just the touch of a handWell, me—I fall in love with you every single dayAnd I just wanna tell you I am(lol, that songs in my head. Curse you Ed Sheeran >:d)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***Dream Sequence*** I slowly fluttered my eyes open, my head pounding from where I'd hit my head earlier. "Where am I?" I thought aloud, twisting my head from side to side to get a better view of the room. The room was completely empty, except for a bed in the middle of the room. The walls were painted a pearly white and the floor was glacier blue tiling that sparkled ominously as if they had just been placed down. "Hey, babe. You like the new decor? I thought I'd spice things up a bit. " a chilly voice called out, my body shaking as I turned to face Cash. "Cash?" I whispered in fear, his lips turning upwards into a smile that lit up his face, but skipped his eyes. "The one and only. Now, as much as I'd love to chit-chat, we really need to get going, so slip on that dress over there and we'll be ready to go." he instructed, pointing over to a small stringy dress that was displayed nicely on the bed.
  2. He walked closer to me, yanking me up to my feet and tossing the shirt I was wearing across the room, handing me the dress with a grin. "I see you still have that nice little scar from that night you betrayed me." he laughed, tracing the faint outline of a scar on my stomach, sending a chill through my body. "Get off of me. " I insisted, jerking away and slipping the dress over my head in disgust. " You look hot." he whispered, leading me to a mirror so I could see myself. The dress was a light shade of peach that complimented my skin color well, though it wasn't exactly the most covering dress ever. It reached just low enough to cover my upper thigh, the top a strapless style that was a little more revealing than I preferred, but I forced a cheesy grin that looked faker than a spray on tan. "Follow me." he insisted, dragging me out to a red Ferrari that shined brightly in the nighttime moonlight. "Cash. Where are we going?" I asked.
  3. "You'll see. " he whispered, holding the passenger open for me, giving me a slight shove inside. My head bounced off the roof, my blonde hair covered in a puddle of crimson blood, but I was too terrified to cry. "Stop your whimpering, you baby. " he huffed, sitting in the drivers seat with a growl as I gave a small gasp. "I hate you, Cash. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" I screamed, his face darkening as he began to drive in silence, stopping once we reached a deserted field. No. It couldn't be. Here we were again. He was going to do it all over again. "No. Please, Cash. Forgive me. I'll do anything, just don't. Please" I cried, an edge to my voice that I'd never had before. "No, Ashley. I tried to keep calm after you betrayed me for my brother, but you went to far. " he huffed, grabbing a hold of my wrists and dousing them with gasoline. " You want to know why I liked Nick? He treated me good, unlike you." I cried, trying my best not to look into his eyes. "I treated you perfectly fine. You only got hit because you were being trouble. " he insisted, unlocking his door and pulling it open. He then stepped out, slamming it behind him with a growl.
  4. As he stepped out, I sat up onto my knees, looking back into the rear view mirror to see where he went. There he was, his top half buried inside the trunk, his bottom half sticking out as he looked inside and began to pull out random items. Now's my chance, I thought, slowly unlocking the door with a small smirk. Slowly wrapping my hand around the handle, I swung it open, jumping out as fast as possible and running like the devil were chasing after me. " Get back here, Ashley. You're only making things worse for yourself." he yelled, pulling out a gun and aiming it towards me. I began to pick up speed, tripping over the strappy pair of heels I had been wearing, and falling down on a broken glass jar. "Auh." I gasped, blood, sweat and tears pouring down my face as bullets sounded out all around me. "This isn't good. " I whispered, pulling my self up into a crouching position.
  5. After a few seconds of crying, I stood to my feet letting out a wail as I felt a sharp stab in my leg. I didn't look back, but instead, took off running as fast as possible, the pain in my leg only getting worse, but that didn't stop me.
  6. * About twenty minutes later *Thick crimson blood oozed down the side of my face as I trudged across a dirt road, the sound of gun shots still going off in my head. My legs began to ache unbearably as I fell down to my knees, being engulfed by a cloud of dirt. "Ahek-Ahek" I wheezed, choking back the tears that leapt to my eyes so quickly.
  7. Despite the fact that I felt like death was at my doorstep, I honestly wasn't too scared. I pulled myself up into a sitting position, where I could pull my pant leg up so I could examine my upper thigh better. Just as I suspected. Wedged inbetween my skin was a thick shard of glass, covered in a layer of dark blood. " mmph!" I grunted, touching my finger tip to my thigh. Closing my eyes in fear, I gripped onto the shard and quickly yanked it out. "AYEEE!" I cried out, tears pouring down my cheeks as blood poured from the cut. I bit the tip of my tongue, trying to control my emotions, but I was too hurt to care. *** END OF DREAM SEQUENCE ***
  8. I let out a loud cry, my heart racing as I began to remember everything that had occurred in my dream. It all flooded back in so quickly... It scared me so much. I opened my eyes, giving a few blinks as I tried to study my surroundings. Everything was dark and fuzzy, and my hands and legs seemed to be bound by rope. "Are you okay?" a voice asked, nearly causing me to wet myself. "Where am i?" I croaked, tears still running down my face and my throat burning like hell. "If you stay calm, I'll undo your blindfold." he whispered, a hand tilting my chin up as I gave a vigorous nod.
  9. I gave a small gasp as he undid the knot, revealing Callistos worried face. "Why am I tied up?" I asked, still a little worried as he wiped the trail of tears from my eyes. " It wasn't my choice. The others thought it'd be the best idea to keep you safe." he explained, putting a cup of water up to my lips, which I sipped down greedily. "They think I'm insane." I sobbed, hanging my head in shame as the tears kept flowing like a sink with a broken faucet. "No, they don't. Please don't cry." he whispered, kneeling behind me, the ropes on my arms and legs slipping off immediately. "Thanks." I whispered, giving a tiny smile that barely lit up my face, but it was enough to excite him.
  10. " No problem. You poor thing. What happened to your wrists?" he asked, noticing the dark burn marks and melted flesh that covered my wrists. "M... My ex." I squeaked, giving a shrug as he stared wide eyed. "He hurt you?" he asked. "Yeah. He always did." I said, stumbling up to my feet and pacing about wearily. " He hurt you, you mean? Why did you even date him?" he asked, startling me with his bravery to ask such a thing. "When... When I met him, he'd just lost his parents. He was hurt, and I was too. I'd lost my family when I was younger, so I understood how he felt. We grew closer because of it, but... But then he sort of changed, hitting me all the time. When he introduced me to his brother, it only angered him more, because his brother and I fell in love sorta. He killed him... He tried to kill me. I... I want out of here." I sobbed, falling down to my knees in pain.
  11. My heart skipped a beat as he softly crept over to my side, taking a seat by me and cradling me in his arms, my legs wrapped in my arms as I cried harder. My eyes stung as his hot breath hit my face, causing a tingling sensation to trail down my face. "I'm sorry, Ash. Don't cry, please." he whispered breathly, taking my face into his hands to see into my eyes better. " I'm scared, Callisto. Scared he'll find me. Scared of what he'll do. Scared to live." I bawled, burying my head into his chest with a sniff. He gently lifted my chin up, leaning in closely before his lips collided with mine, sending sparks flying.
  12. He continued to kiss me passionately, his hands working their way up to my waist as my arms naturally looped around his neck, my fingers gently running through his hair. "Ash... Don't ever be scared... I'll always be there for you." he whispered, burying his head down into my hair, gently kissing my neck with a satisfied sigh. "I don't want you to get hurt, Callisto . He's dangerous." I sighed, giving him a rare smile as he continued to work his way up to the corners of my lips, driving me insane." I'd die, if it would keep you safe." he insisted, pushing me backwards into a blood red beanbag, his body hovering over mine, as he gave me a soft kiss that gave me the feeling I was truly loved.
  13. *** Twenty minutes later***"Callisto! Bring Ash down here, we need to speak to her!" a voice called out. "Coming!" Callisto yelled back, gently pulling himself away from me with an apologetic look before helping me to my feet. "Callisto, I don't want to go back there. Don't make me, please." I pled, hot tears running down my face, the back of my throat burning as acid-like spit filled my mouth. "Ash, I have to. Please don't cry. I'll make sure they treat you right." he whispered into my ear, his warm breath tickling my neck, causing a tingling sensation to trail down my face. " Fine." I sighed, wiping away my tears as he pulled me into a tight embrace. For the first time since I'd lost Nick, I finally felt loved.
  14. I gently held onto him, his face buried deep into my hair as we held the embrace for a while, scared to let go of one another. "Callisto , please...." I pled, pulling away far enough that I could look into his dark eyes. "They won't hurt you, Ash. They like you, alot." he assured me, leaning towards me with a wolfish grin that sent my heart on overdrive. As our lips met, I realized then, I was in love.
  15. "Ash, we better go before they worry." he whispered into my ear, gently pulling me out into the hall with a small smile. "Castillo, what took you two so long?" Liam asked, studying my face for a while, his eyes falling down to the burn marks on my wrists. " I was just undoing her ropes. She was complaining about them be too tight on her burns." he lied, turning to give me a discreet wink. Liam gave a small shrug and motioned for me to follow after him, leaving Castillo behind. I reluctantly followed him, turning to give Castillo one last pleading look before turning back around.
  16. I reluctantly trudged after him, my eyes filling with tears as I was forced to leave Castillo for the moment. I know it's silly to cry over this, since I'd see him later, but I felt so close to him, and he was the only one I trusted at the moment. "So.... Ash, was it? Can I ask you a small question?" Liam asked, breaking my train of thought. "Well, seeing as you just did, I guess so. " I shrugged, listening to his laugh, the way it melodically filled the hall. "Okay, so... I overheard Jax and Adam talking about you. Did you really used to be abused?" he asked. I gave a small nod, his feet stopping at a nearby room. " Really?! Who would do such a thing to such a beautiful girl!? Uh I mean... " he stammere, his cheeks a crimson color as he blushed deeply. I gave a small giggle that surprisingly made me feel better, like I'd never been hurt before.
  17. "You're giggling? I thought the guys said you were icy." he chuckled, gently leading me downstairs with a nudge. " Icy? Th.. That's what they think about me? I.. I should have known! Everyone always thinks that. They'd be just as icy if they went through half of the stuff I did... I need... I want out. " I croaked, fiery tears streaming down my cheeks, sobs pouring out that burned the back of my throat. "Ash, please keep calm. They did mean it rudely, they were only joking." he insisted, placing a calming hand on my cheek before leaning forwards and kissing me.
  18. " Liam? Where's.... Ash. " a voice interrupted. I gently pushed Liam away, looking up to see Rave, his bright eyes full of disgust. "It's.. It's not what it looks like, Rave." Liam insisted, turning away from me to face Rave. "Oh really? So you weren't just making out with her in the hall?" he asked flatly, giving Liam a glare before turning to look at me. Liam gave a small nod, hanging his head in shame. "Come on, Ash." Rave huffed, tightly grabbing a hold of my wrist and jerking me forward.
  19. He silently dragged me behind him, our footsteps the only things keeping me company. " Rave. It really wasn't Liam's fault. I was freaking out again, he was just trying to shut me up." I explained, hanging my head as he turned to look at me. "Why do you do that? Freak out. " he asked, his voice still a little edgy. " I don't know. I lost this guy I used to like a while back. His brother, my ex, killed him. He was going to kill me too, but Jax found me before he did. " I croaked, giving a tight smile to show I was still okay. "Oh. He.. He was abusive, I'm guessing?" he asked, a sudden squeak in his voice startling me. I looked up at him, his eyes glassy and filled with tears. " Yeah. If I'd just... If I'd just stayed away from his brother.. He'd still be... I'd still be.." I sobbed, unable to control the many emotions swirling inside of me.
  20. Falling to my knees, I sprawled out on the floor, sobbing harder and harder, my eyes wandering as the tears leapt from my eyes hotter and faster. Just as I began to give up hope, a pair of arms wrapped around me, gently rocking me back and forth. Tilting my head up, I realized Rave sat beside me, his arms tightly wrapped around me in a tight embrace that soothed me quickly. I was about to speak, but a noise stopped me. He was crying too. My tears gushing out faster, I realized he'd been abused before too. "Ash... When I was younger... My mom used to bring these guys home, swearing up and down they loved her, but I knew better. They'd hurt her, and they'd hit me too. She'd just put on a tight smile and laugh. She died a year later due to a guy abusing her. Ended up in intensive care, but didn't make it." he blubbered, making my heart ache for him.
  21. "Rave. I'm S.. So sorry." I whispered, pulling myself up into his lap and hugging him tightly. I felt his body tense up, but quickly relax as he hugged me back. "Don't be. It was her fault. I'm.. I'm sorry you had to go through being hurt. Any guy that would treat you that way doesn't love you. I tried to tell my mom that, but she obviously never listened." he whispered back, giving my cheek a quick peck before we stood up.
  22. "We better get you to the others." he sighed, wiping away my tears. I gave a nod as we walked into the room, the others staring at us worriedly. " Were you two.. Crying?" Adam asked, Jax kicking him in the shin. " Adam! Shut up." Jax huffed, urging me to sit beside him. Reluctantly walking away from Rave, I took a seat beside him. ***CLIFFHANGER ***
  23. Ciao!

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