The Cold(TWC) Finale

The Cold(TWC) Finale is here!! Whoooo! Special thanks to everyone who has read my series, LovelyTeenWriter, Renee, and Dark. :D Thank you all so very much. And if you haven't read The Bonds of Love, please do so. It will help a lot in The Conjuring! The Darkness coming soon :D Enjoy.. maybe.


Created by: Alleria

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  1. ENJOY! Recap: They looked at me. "What?" I say. "I cannot let you mortals leave."
  2. Everyone stares at me. I could feel myself smiling but it isn't me. "Cat?" Mirdana asks, moving towards me. My head snapped towards her, and she stops where she is. I turn my head, smiling. "Did we do good baby?" I ask. Scott comes behind me, looking confused. His expression hardens. "Arisa, get out of the girl now." I pout. Then everything went black. My eyes flutters open. I wince, then sit up from the cold floor. I see Scott standing a few feet away from me, his back to me.
  3. I get to my feet. My eyes wander around, seeing the clear blue sky out the window. The Cold is gone. I sigh in relief. I start walking to Scott. "We did good, baby," Scott says. I stop, confused. "Yessss...weeee diiiiiidddd," a woman's voice hisses. In horror I see two hands appear behind Scott, wrapping around his shoulders. The problem is the hands are made of live writhing black vines curling around. I scream. "Scott!" Scott whirls around, an angry expression on his face. He glares at me. I freeze. Behind him, a woman steps out from behind him. I don't know how I can tell since she's made out of entirally of moving black vines. She's totally naked, though you can really know how. Her eyes... are green, the only visable color on her. I stare at her. She stares back.
  4. I look at Scott, who's still looking angry. I notice his eyes are, instead of blue, are red. The women purrs, placing her arms around his upper body,"Ah, look at herrrrr.She'sss perrrrrfect. Killl herrrr now[no urls]" He starts towards me. I back away. He grins. The woman stands there, like a freakin' supermodel. "Now, now," Scott growls, red eyes narrowing. "All I want is your soul. So I can bring my lover back... you understand, right? You know what it's like to love someone, right, Watcher?" Seeing my confused expression, he laughs, turning his head back. "It's so pathetic! She doesn't know what she is! That makes it even more fun!" He turns back to me, and sneers. "You see...Watcher, you see the Past, Present, and Future. You're supposed to be a value to us. You're in, what they call it...dangerous. That's why we have to destroy you. All of you. So, uh, sorry, if you take this personal." He grins wickedly. I am really confused. Then it hits me. Then I know. "You're...Reid," I say. His smile fades slowly, and his eyes narrow. "And...that's Arisa, I'm guessing? Your girlfriend, that you killed?" His mouth curls. "Filthy Watcher. Think you know everything, don't you?" He slaps me across the face, hard.
  5. "You're the Watcher!! Figure it out yourself! Explain why I killed her!" Scott/Reid hisses in my face low enough for only me to hear it. ""Cause you're evil and don't give a s*** about her?" I suggest, trying to buy more time. He growls, then shoves me to the floor. He bends down, and grabs me by the shoulders, hoisting me up. Then lets go, leaving me dangling in the air, pressed against the lockers. As if subconciously, he moves his neck in a circle as if in pain. I see Mirana walking in front of me. I gasp, snapping back to reality. Scott/Reid smirks in front of me. "Saw your fifth vision?" he asks, turning walking back to Arisa. Within minutes, Mirdana comes, walking down the hallway, exactly in the vision.
  6. "Catalina!?" she cries out, racing towards me, not seeing Reid/Scott until he steps in front of her, and shoves her against the lockers. "Scott, what the hell?!" she cries out as she gets to her feet. "I AM NOT SCOTT HAVEN!!!!" he roars, specifically to her and me. "SCOTT HAS BEEN LONG GONE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF HIS 18TH BIRTHDAY! I am Reid, the Possesser of The Cold. You do not talk to me or ask stupid mortal questions, understand?!" He huffs angrily, then turns to me, meanacing.
  7. "You shut your f---ing mouth!" he screams. I look at him confused. I didn't say anything. "You think you know everything about me?!" Arisa looks confused too for a minute, then something dawns on her. "Reid, baby--" "Shut up b-tch!" he yells, turning to her, storming over. He grabs her shoulder, slamming her against the wall, then kisses her hungrily. Mirdana screams my name. I jolt back to reality. I see her-- at the end of the hallway...Scott shoves her to the floor... Oh, God. Another vision? Ok, think. Think, Catalina! I'm trying! Scott turns to me, pointing a finger at me. "You think you know everything about me?!" Do something! Do something! Do not let him kiss her! I think. I close my eyes, praying, just praying that it works. My arm shoots out and grabs his arm.
  8. He looks at me in shock as my feet touch the floor. Then he shoves me so hard, I fly down the hallway. "You stupid--!" He gasps, stumbling. I cough, getting to my feet. He bends over, hands on his knees. "Cat..." he gasps. "a...lina..." He raises his head. I see his eyes... flickering between blue and red. Scott is fighting. He is still here. "Scott...?" I reach out to touch him, but he stumbles back even further. He's panting, shaking his head. "Stay...away..." He walks backwards, almost to Arisa. Then his body straightens, stiff, and angry. His eyes glare. He clenches his teeth. "I've had enough from you, boy. Let's get this over with." He starts towards me, then freezes. "Do...not...touch... her," Scott's voice rasps out. I look towards Mirdana, who's lying on the floor, unconcious. "You cannot beat me!" He tries to walk but is stopped again. "Explain...what... you other...Watchers..." Other Watchers?
  9. Reid glares at me. I hear a soft groan, and see Mirdana stirring. I turn my attention back to him. Arisa walks up behind him, wrapping her black writhing viney body around him. Ew. "Don't listen to her, baby. Finish it. You know what you have to do..." she purrs seductively, moving around him a circle. "You'll have me back my darlin'. Everything you want... you'll have. You can bring me to life again. " She flashes him a smile, glaring at me as he focuses on me. "Kill her. Kill her." He looks at her, expression unreadable. He starts towards me again; I back away. "You wanna know what I did with the other Watchers? Huh? I killed them, all the ones that have escaped me in the past. The only ones I haven't gotten are you and Mirdana's mom. So, you're gonna help me find her. After that, I'll kill you Watchers both, slowly and painfully."
  10. I stare at him. "No," I say firmly. He looks at me. "What did you say?" he hisses, after a minute of silence. "I said, 'No', " I repeat. He storms towards me. "YOU DO NOT TELL ME 'NO'!" he screams. "YOU WATCHERS THINK YOU'RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE REST OF US?! WELL, I GOT NEWS YOU GIRL, YOU'RE NOT! JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE THE GODDAMN FREAKING FUTURE, PAST AND PRESENT, DOES NOT MEAN YOU TELL ME 'NO', CATALINA LEVENS!" He glares at me, body shaking in rage. Arisa has this tiny smile on her face. What the heck is she smiling for? His face goes slack. "," Scott's voice chokes out. "I WILL KEEP THIS BODY! PAY HEED TO ME!" Reid's voice yells. "No. I will...not...bow...down,"Scott gasps. " my body...Leave." "MAKE ME BOY! I'M SO F---ING TIRED OF YOU IN MY HEAD! GET THE F--- OUT!!" Scott/Reid closes his eyes, then opens them. "You are so dead, Watcher." He stares at me for a long time, eyes flickering between red and blue. Arisa steps in front of him, facing him. Reid looks down at her, then leans in, smirking. Right before they kiss, he grips her shoulders. "Sorry, Arisa, but this is for your own good." She cocks her head. "What?" He shoves her backwards so hard she goes flying. I scream, my arms, throwing out at my sides. She screams as she passes through me. The minute our bodies touch, she turns into shards of glass, melting away into water.
  11. I fall on my back on the floor, the water soaking my clothes. I gasp for breath, clawing at my throat, then it clears away. I pant. I slowly get to my feet. Scott gave me what I needed. I know what I have to do. As if in slow motion, I struggle to my feet, water dripping down on me. Scott stands in front of me, watching me. I walk up to him, my breath shallow. His eyes stare down at me. I reach up, my hands on his face and press my lips to his.
  12. SCOTT (P.o.V) I saw her fall. Laying there like... Did I give her the distraction she needed? When I pushed Arisa into her? The split second Reid was lost in thought I took over. I knew what I had to do. Arisa needed a body. But she couldn't touch that body when Catalina was alive. I pushed her. Then she was gone. Reid was angry, rage pouring into us... I wouldn't be able to hold him much longer. Catalina got up, started walking to me. She was alive. God... I never realized how much I loved her until now. B------...Reid's voice snarled. Go to Hell. I'm already there, I told him. I wasn't expecting her to kiss us. That searing white hot aura that surrounded her...NOOOOOOO! Reid screamed. Then he was gone. I heard the sound of bodies falling. I blacked out. 4:58pm Three Years Later I open my eyes. Bright lights... A voice... A woman's face. I blink, my vision, hearing, clearing. "Good. You're awake," she says. I sit up. "Who are you?" "I'm Nurse Harper. I took care of you. And if you're wondering, your girl's alright too," she says. "Though..." "What?" I snap, slipping out of the bed, pulling the IVs out of my arms, going into the bathroom changing. I walk back out. She stares at me. "You shouldn't have been able to function that quickly..." "What the hell do you mean by that?!" I demand, swiftly walking out the door, as she races after me. "Where's Catalina?" She doesn't reply, trying to stop me. I can't take it. I whirl around, grabbing her shoulder, pinning her against the wall. "Where. Is. Catalina?!" She brushes off my hands, then gestures for me to follow. I follow her down a couple of hallways to another ward: PSYCHO WARD. The rest of the letters had been scrawled out so now it only read: Psycho. Uh...ok. We stop at a door. 110 How fitting. Wait, why are we here? She opens the door, and a bright white light fills the room. I see a girl in the corner with black long hair.
  13. I look around. The walls are white, scrawled with the same words. WATCHER PAST PRESENT FUTURE LOVE WATCHER POSESSER SCOTT SCOTT SCOTT SCOTT "Catalina?There's someone here to see you," she says. The girl looks up, her eyes wide and curious. Her once dark brown eyes are now ocean blue. "Scott?" she whispers. THE END
  14. Yes. It's over and I'm leaving you to figure out what happened. But you will find out what happens to them in The Conjuring (so continue reading this). MWAHAHAHA! On the bright side, there will be two more series: The Darkness and The Conjuring, which will be a sequel series to The Bonds of Love, but crossing over into the worlds of The Darkness and The Cold series. TBoL í— The Cold(TWC) í— The Darkness. WHOO! Stay tuned for more series my awesome fans! :D From: Alleria

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