The classic "what color are you" quiz.

This classic quiz let's you know which color you are and what type of personality you have! With this quiz, you'll discover information you may not even know about yourself.

With the choices of the primary and secondary colors, you'll be able to determine which color and personality type you are. Have fun and please rate and comment c:

Created by: biased_biatch

  1. Are you shy?
  2. Are you quick to lose your temper?
  3. Are you sporty?
  4. If you could travel the world, would you?
  5. Favorite type of colors?
  6. Least favorite color?
  7. Are you typically laid back?
  8. Are you random?
  9. Cat or dog?
  10. Good or bad?

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Quiz topic: The classic "what color am I" quiz.