The Choice 5

Part fives here soooooooooooooo sorry for the delay here's another typical day at school were you get to choose your crush and have atotally fun awesome blast

Ready for action take quiz. My favorite singer is Justin Bieber (yes he is a great singer) so take the quiz and find out your one true love ;):):):):)

Created by: dreamer12

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  1. You, Maddie and Cody are at the bus stop waiting for Carrie and Derik. Cody asks you to step aside "____ school tryouts today" "Whats the play" "Hopefuly something when we kiss' he said softly you giggle
  2. Derik and Carrie come holding hands Maddie whispers to you "They like eachother" she giggles you giggle too they let go as soon as they see you laugh and Cody puts his arm around you
  3. You are walking to put something in your locker when Grit steps out and grabs you he's just about to kiss you when TJ comes in and grabs you away from Grit "You should've faught back ___" TJ says
  4. TJ gaurds you as you put your stuff in your locker he looks at Grit "Leave her alone loser"
  5. On your way to math class you tell Paris, Maddie, and Cody about TJ and Grit "I normaly think jocks are stuck up but this guy saved my girl friend" Cody says winking at you "When I run for class president I'm going to make that loser Grit leave the school" Maddie says beaming
  6. At cheer practice your first one you get to cartwheel and do backward handsprings infront of all the hot stuck up cheer girls you see TJ sitting on the bleacher giving you a thumbs up
  7. As TJ is giving you thumbs up Paris looks around and see's the other cheerleaders give you dirty looks she tosses her hair in an I'm totally too good for you style and tells you "They looked so jelious about Tj giving you thumbs up ___" and starts gigling like a maniac
  8. After cheer practice Grit steps out of the corner next to the water fountain and trys once again to kiss you this time you punch him and walk away
  9. You and your friends go to Maddie's house to discuss her plans for running for class president her room like yours, Paris, and Carries has Justin Bieber posters she says she'll ban Grit from school and make better school plays and a gossip section in the school paper
  10. Who do you love

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