The Canadian test

There are many people that wear Flanel and may even down a moose or two while checkin out the game but how many of you can call yourselves Canucks?....oh yeah and after this quiz we should have a beer and you know watch the Game eh

Do you have the outstanding awesomeness to be from the Great White North eh?.... think you have what it takes eh?....well put on some Tragically Hip and get yourself a moose and some timbits.

Created by: big scruff

  1. Flanel or fleece?
  2. How football shaped is your head
  3. Senators or Leafs?
  4. what's for breakfast
  5. What snack do you eat at the Show?
  6. What is Canada's national sport?
  7. Does Canada's involvement in Afganistan outweigh that of the US?
  8. Is Tony Blair a hooser?
  9. Par le Vous Francais?
  10. Kids in The Hall or Saturday Night Live?

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